Monday, 16 November 2015

Markets Around Manchester.

This weekend saw the Christmas Markets return to Manchester. My hubby was way too excited about them arriving back that we headed into town on Sunday. I think the the weather had put people off, so the streets weren't too busy and we managed to have a good look around the markets. As I had my camera with me, I thought I'd take a few photos , ready for anyone planning a trip to the market this Christmas. 

The stalls are a mix of gifts, food, drinks and general knick-knacks. My favourite stalls are the food stalls (that give out taster, obviously), I could easily eat my way around the markets for the next few weeks. Oh, and the macaroon stall does not lie, these are THE BEST macaroons in the world. 

The second lot of photos is actually from Spinningfields market, which is in Manchester every Sunday. We stumbled upon this market a few months back and yesterday reminded me how great it is. It's pretty much packed full of delicious local food and handmade gifts. I love the idea of buying local as much as possible and we actually picked up a few yummy things. I'm seriously obsessed with the marshmallow stall and all of the gluten free goodness.

I'm actually heading to London at the end of this month and I'd love to explore the markets there. I love Portobello Road market and Spitalfields but I'd like to try some of the other, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Katie xx


  1. I completely missed the macaroons stand when I went on Saturday! Though as it was absolutely tipping it down I did take shelter for most of the evening. I had the most delicious waffle. Next time I go I'm definitely picking up some sausage and cheese. x

    Megan |

  2. Christmas markets can be so magical and a great day out. It’s always nice to pick up a few gifts and they do some lovely food stalls. I enjoy visiting markets throughout the year, I love the culture and food! Pretty photographs too!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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