Thursday, 26 November 2015

Celebrate Yankee Candle.

Last weekend I headed to Cheshire Oaks to attempt to start my Christmas shopping. In my defence, the good intentions were there, but I did end up buying myself gifts, rather than anyone else (oops!). One of my favourite stores are Cheshire Oaks is the Yankee Shop. I pop in every time we visit and always manage to pick up so bargains and this trip was no exception.

I actually did pick up some Christmas presents, which I haven't featured, but my best buy was easily this Celebrate Large Jar. The large jars are priced at £19.99 normally, but I picked this up for £13.99 - which is an absolute steal. I was completely drawn straight to the cake images as I love the sweet smelling Yankees. Bearing in mine Snowflake Cookie is my absolute favourite scent from Yankee, this smells really similar. It's a sweet cake-bater scent with a little added spice. 

There is something really nostalgic about this candle. It kind of reminds me of birthday parties as a child and everyone getting together to celebrate - which I guess is the idea. I will certainly be burning this in the run up to Christmas, to get me in the mood for family times on the 25th.

What's your favourite Yankee scent?

Katie xx


  1. I absolutely love the sweet/baking scents from Yankee and Snowflake Cookie as well as Christmas Cookie are two of my favourites so it sounds like I would love this one too! :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick on my blog!

  2. I haven't bought candles in SO long and I literally only have fireside left, this one sounds gorgeous xxx


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