Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dermablend for Super Pale Skin.

More and more brands seem to be developing lighter foundation shades for use pale ladies. One of my favourite brands Vichy, have jumped on the band wagon and developed the shade Porcelain for their Dermablend* range. 

I'm a light-base kind of girl, so the Dermablend is something I've never tried before. I've always imagined it to be a super thick, cakey foundation that really wasn't what I wanted. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised.  Despite being a medium to full coverage, this base is still pretty light and doesn't feel cakey in any way. This is great for covering up any imperfections or redness, which is ideal for when I've not had the best night's sleep and my skin is  not on it's best behaviour.

Colour match wise, I'm pretty impressed too. I'm used to foundation shades being a pain to find and never quite matching my skin tone. I think Vichy have just about managed to match my skin tone. The foundation is slightly pinky toned, so I would certainly bare that in mind before picking it up. The only other tiny issue I found was the foundation does tend to cling to dry patches. If you suffer from dry skin, like I do, I would recommend having a good exfoliate and moisturise before applying. 

Having said all that, I'm really enjoying using this as a base. It's not an everyday foundation for me, but certainly one I like to use if I know I'm going out after work or want something a little heavier for an evening. The staying power is pretty great, I'd say I got a good 6-8 hours wear before my skin and make up had decided they'd had enough. 

You can find the full range of Dermablend on Escentual.

Katie xx


  1. This looks and sounds amazing to a fellow pale skinned gal and luckily I don't get too much dry skin woohoo, thanks for the rec! xxx


  2. 6-8 hours wear time is pretty good! The foundation matches you so well x


  3. I love this foundation - so happy with this shade as well!


  4. I definitely need to try this! It looks pale enough for me.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


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