Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vegan Snacks.

Being dairy free the easiest way to have sweet treats is to search for Vegan goodies. The lovely people at Vegan Tuck Box* kindly sent me over one of their gluten free boxes to try, which was literally packed to the brim with yumminess.

The box contained a few savoury items, including roasted soya beans and savoury coconut chips. As well as lots of sweet bits for me to try. The soya beans are delicious and the perfect size to pop in my handbag for on the go snacking. 

I do have a huge sweet tooth so I was particularly interested in the chocolate and biscuit offerings. There was so much to choose from but the Nu Moo bars and the amazing Ananda's Round up ( vegan Wagon Wheel) were my absolute faves. 

I honestly couldn't get enough of the endless snacks, plus they were the perfect size for me to slip into my hand luggage when I went to Madrid.

Vegan Tuck Box have given me a code to share with my readers offering 20% off your first box. Just use 'blog20' in the checkout! The Mini boxes start from £8.50, which can be bought on a subscription or a single Classic box is £19 without the subscription. Enjoy!

Katie xx



  1. These look delicious! The No Moo bars look amazing!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  2. Vegan Tuck Box are absolutely fab, You get so much in one box! And the Ananda's Round Ups are incredible :)

    Gemima | Lovely Witches


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