Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lush - The Green Bubbleroon.

My obsession with Lush continues, this time with The Green Bubbleroon. It was the first time I'd spotted this in my local store and I was completely drawn to the glitter and green - two of my favourite things. I was super impressed with the last Bubbleroon I tried so I knew I had to give this one a go.

The Bubbleroons work exactly the same as the bubble bars, you take a piece off and crumble it under running water. This is something I love about this product in comparison to the bath bombs, they last so much longer and you get more baths for your money. 

The Green, as the name suggests, leaves your bath a pretty grass-green colour with a hint of sparkle. It's thankfully not one of those that stains your bath and washes away with your bath water. The actual bar contains Shea butter and coconut oil to help sooth and moisturise the skin. I love any product that means I can cut a step in my skincare regime. The scent is a gorgeous citrusy smell, with a hit of lime and bergamot freshness. If you love a uplifting scent, this one is certainly for you.

Again, Lush have pulled it out of the bag. I can't get enough of the new Bubbleroons and at £3.75 each I think I can afford to treat myself every now and again.

Katie xx 


  1. It cant just be me but this looks so much like a macaron haha :P and wow it sounds amazing i need one i love citrusy smells

  2. I've never tried to Green Bubbleroon before although it sounds amazing - The Pink Bubbleroon is my all-time favourite Lush bath product so I'm sure I'd love this one too!!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  3. I always opt for a bubble bar but this looks interestin' <3 will check this out when I next pop into lush ^^


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