Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Wilmslow Kitchen Cookery School with Currys PC World, Kenwood and Joe Blogs. The event involved a whole lot of yummy food and networking with lovely bloggers. It was such a fab day and I learnt so much from the chefs, they really got me excited about baking again despite being gluten and dairy free. So here's a good few photos of my day and the yummy things I learnt to make. Be warned, if you have a sweet tooth - look away now..

All of our baking was created using one of the Kenwood K-Mix Food Mixers, which I absolutely fell in love with. They are look very alike to a Kitchen Aid, but with some funkier colours and are super easy to use. We were really lucky to each receive Kenwood K-Mix Hand Mixer each, which I am incredibly excited about and can't wait to get back into baking.

The first baking session on our agenda was meringue. I am the queen of burning and destroying any meringue I attempt to make so the fact I managed to make successful ones mad me very happy. I know I'm not the neatest of bakers, but I was completely blown away by how cute my meringues turned out and I now know the tricks of the trade for making them pastel colours. 

We then moved on to making a Swiss Roll or as I like to call mine a 'Swiss Square'. We used a mixture of corn and rice flour to create my gluten free sponge and without the gluten present it didn't quite roll as well as other people's. However I loved the quirkiness of my Swizz roll - it added a bit of character! We finished the sponge off with fresh strawberries and I had a soya butter cream to make my dairy free. I popped a few of my mini-meringues on the top to make my sponge even prettier. I will be honest, this lasted approximately two hours before I ate the whole thing..

We then moved onto making a chocolate tart. It was so much fun making pastry from scratch but as the tart had cream in I didn't get a taste. My hubby on the other hand, devoured the entire tart before I even got chance to get a picture. I think it's fair to say he enjoyed it.

I may have eaten a few sneaky meringues whilst my tart was finishing off in the oven. We filled raspberries with butter cream and popped them on top of the meringue, seriously the perfect afternoon treat. 

Finally, to end the session, we had a little extra time and were shown how to temper chocolate and create some fancy patterns using the cocoa butter. It was really interesting to learn about how to correctly melt chocolate to make a really thin chocolate with a lovely 'snap'. I could have easily just eaten the melted chocolate from the bowl.

 Final image provided by Joe Blogs

Thank you so much Joe Blog's for the invite and Currys PC World and Kenwood for making it such an enjoyable day. 

Katie xx



  1. Oh my gosh this sounds like so much fun! I am a disaster at baking and I am sure having to be gluten free makes life a little harder but it still looked absolutely delicious, and as you know I thought you looked very lovely! xxx

  2. THE SWEETEST LITTLE MERINGUES EVER! I'm honestly sitting at my desk with my sad little cuppa soup and dribbling at your glorious efforts.



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