Sunday, 9 August 2015

Class of 2015.

My gorgeous husband organised a surprise party to celebrate my completion of my degree. He pulled it off amazingly well with the help of my friends and family, I had absolutely no idea. The majority of my friends and family live in the North East and they all made the long journey to come and celebrate with me. I can't thank them all enough for such a wonderful day. 

I didn't really want to put any personal photos on my blog, especially with my relatives and close friends in. So instead I've been playing around with my camera and taking photos of the beautiful bunch of sunflowers one of my friends bought me. I walked down the aisle with sunflowers, so they have an extra special place in my heart. 

I genuinely couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon with my loved ones. I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I (and Luna) do.

Katie xx


  1. So sweet of your hubby for all what he just did!
    And yep, I love the flowers, you captured them nicely!

    Have a lovely day!
    Btw, I just followed you on Twitter and Bloglovin :)

    Jhem |

  2. That is literally the sweetest thing ever!!! Love the photographs too very cute xx

  3. LUNA IS SUCH A SWEET PEA. Bunny people are the best people.


  4. AWW!! Your husband is a cutie-pie for doing this! You've got gorgeous pictures and I now want to hug your bunny! haha!!

    Dee xoxo

  5. Congrats on your degree lovely! I know how much work has gone into it! x

    Jordan Alice


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