Thursday, 27 August 2015

Afternoon Tea.

I'm a huge soft drink fan, as I don't drink tea or coffee I get my caffeine fix from pop..mainly Pepsi Max. I know it's not good for me but I figured it's better than downing cans of Red Bull to keep me alert. Anyway, for days when I need a little boost but don't fancy anything fizzy, I'm always a little bit stuck. Thankfully, my prayers have finally been answered in the form of Hampstead Iced Teas*.

 The drinks come in the perfect packaging for on the go and have actually been designed so I don't have to drink all at once. There is something that feels really cool and trendy when drinking from a carton with a lid. Despite hating warm tea, I do actually quite enjoy an iced tea from time to time. From the collection of teas I tried the Green Tea with Lemon, Oolong Tea with Elderflower and Oolong Tea with Peach. Of the three the Elderflower was my absolute favourite although the Peach and Lemon were pretty yummy too.

These were perfect just from the carton, however I can imagine they would be incredible in the sunshine over ice. I was really impressed with the quality and taste of the tea, for £1.69 each they're certainly a good alternative to fizzy pop.

Katie xx


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  1. oooh yummy this sounds delicious I love trying new drinks out! xx


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