Monday, 3 August 2015

10 Reasons Golddust will be the world's greatest Nurse

Good evening blogging folk,

I am interrupting your usual broadcast of lifestyle, beauty and gluten free blog posts (all excellent I might add) to write a very special post about a very special lady - GOLDDUST!

In case it was not patently obvious, I am not Golddust and I know nothing of the blogging world! I am, Mr Golddust (Katie's husband) and her blog has been hijacked and will be returned in perfect condition once I am finished.

Just in case you are not fully versed in all things Golddust (I am going to call her Katie from here on) I want to get you up to speed. Katie and I moved to Greater Manchester 4 years ago, initially so I could complete my teacher training and return to the glories of the North East (it is a spectacular place - visit immediately but we rather liked Greater Manchester and decided to stay.

Katie decided to begin a degree at UCLan and study to become a Mental Health Nurse (later changed to  an Adult Nurse). Fast forward three years and Katie's journey is gradually coming to an end - she recently received her final assignment marks, which all but means that she is Nurse Atkinson. In honour of this I wanted to hijack her blog to tell the world why she will be the worlds greatest Nurse.)

10 Reasons Katie will be the World's greatest Nurse

  1. She gives a toss: Katie cares more about people (not just at work) than anyone else I know. She will always do what she can to make sure that others are happy and safe. She loves her patients and genuinely cares about their wellbeing. She is like Bolton's very own (female) Charlie Fairhead. 
  2. She lives and breathes the NHS: Jeremy Hunt is a knobsack and Katie knows this.
  3. She has 'given it her all': Yes, it may be a cliched X Factor sound bite but Katie has given then last 3 years her all - it has been far from easy and only her (and me) know that sacrifices that have had to be made to ensure that she succeeds. But anyone reading this from Teesside will be screaming 'That is the Boro way'. Below are some Boro folk who have also 'given it their all.
  4. She takes uniform standards exceptionally seriously: There will be no MRSA on her watch - no straggling hair, no makeup, no nail varnish. Golddust has certainly come a long way.
  5. She provides excellent 1:1 care: Katie has a lot of experience dealing with difficult patients, as she has been looking after me for the last 7 years and still manages to remain patient. 
6. She can deal with difficult patients and their family members: Mammy Golddust. The End! (Hopefully Mammy G doesn't see this.) 

7.  She is the Boro's Florence Nightingale: If Florence Nightingale was partial to (and intolerant to) a Parmo you would have Katie. **I am sure that someone will try and claim Florence Nightingale for Boro - smoggies try and claim everyone!!

8.   She is very patient: See point 5 and 6.

9.    She knows how to wear an oversized tabard: As a diminutive woman, the NHS doesn't exactly cater for Mrs A but that doesn't phase her. I think we need that OOTD post SOOOON!!
**** Image soon
10.  She is amazing!: She is the best there is, the best the was and the best there ever will be (another WWF reference because Katie just loves wrestling.)

(Time to gush - look away now if you are squeamish)

Katie - I love you very much and I am very proud of your achievements over the last few years, I have no doubt that you will be an outstanding nurse. Your patients are so lucky yo have someone as caring as you looking after them. You are perfect!!

Thank you all for your time!!



  1. Oh this is so so sweet! Congrats Katie, you will indeed make a fantastic nurse! I wish you all the luck in the world :) xo
    amber love

  2. I love this post, so sweet. Congrats Katie, you're going to be great! I also love wrestling, glad to see other bloggers loving it too!


  3. This was such a lovely post! Congrats Katie, you will be a fantastic nurse. I wish you all the happiness & success in the world (: xx

  4. Ah what a sweet post! Congrats Katie, it sounds like you've worked really hard for this and I'm sure you'll be a brilliant nurse!!

    Jess xo

  5. Just about the cutest thing I've ever read.


  6. I love your post, it's so optimistic! A specially I like the last quote, it's quite true. Thank's for writing it! :)
    I've also found a true to life story about nurses work! :)


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