Wednesday, 3 June 2015

German Beauty Haul.

I'm not so sure Germany is famous for it's beauty and skincare, in quite the same way at the UK and France. However Germany does house some pretty amazing drugstores and does some incredible budget make up brands. Much like Manchester, Frankfurt has a drugstore on every corner, the three main stores are DM, Rossmann and Douglas. DM and Rossmann are both budget stores, much like Boots or Superdrug and Douglas is slightly more high end, selling Zoeva, Bobbi Brown, MAC etc. 

I think I could have spent days searching through the stores, swatching every product in sight. I particularly took to the P2 range and in DM, which is an own brand from the company. P2 have an amazing range of products and all are under the 10Euro, however everything I picked up was 5Euros or less - bargains! Everything is great quality too and the make up is incredible. I picked up a concealer in a pot too, which I forgot to photograph but it's the best cover up for imperfections ever. In Douglas I managed to grab a Zoeva brush which I thought I would feature on a post on it's own. I really wanted to buy a set but sadly couldn't find them.

I finished up my beauty shop by picking up a few essentials such as grapefruit flavoured tooth paste, raspberry cream and a good few hand creams for work. I'm really impressed with everything I bought and wish I'd picked up a little more before coming home but that gives me a good excuse to go back!

Katie xx 


  1. Love the blue nail polishes and grapefruit toothpaste?! SAY WHAAAAT! <3 ^^

  2. I love the look of that highlighter!

  3. I never ever knew just how good some of the German make up and Skincare brands were until I moved back here. Did you get a Chance to have a look at Manhattan Make Up? I am obsessed with their stuff and still cant get over how cheap but so good it is!

    Yas xx
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