Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What's New in My Shower.

My bathroom is easily my favourite room in my house. It was the first room we transformed when we moved and I love nothing better to chill in my bath or have a hot shower. I find it so relaxing being in a gorgeous bubble bath or washing away the days make up with a beautiful cleanser. 

In my family home, I grew up with no shower and only a bath, which meant getting up a lot earlier than I would have liked to get myself freshened up for the day ahead. I now couldn't live without a shower at least once a day, and my sparkly new showerhead from Mira Showers* which has four different settings - amazing. I've been using a few different shower gels at the moment, Original Source and The Body Shop, to name a few. I've recently been trying out my Soap & Glory Shower Butter, which I actually got for Christmas. It's a gorgeous thick shower cream and leaves my skin incredible soft and of course, smells amazing too.

As I've raved about baths, I couldn't not mention my favourite highstreet bubble bath, I love lots of Sanex products, but the Pro Hydrate Bath Foam is lovely and provides plenty of bubbles without drying my skin out. I use the formula for very dry skin, which keeps my skin happy and prevents it from dehydration.

Next up are my latest skincare obsessions. Vichy have brought out an incredible range at Escentual. The range is designed to help remove the pollution from your skin, from the busy day in the city. I've been using these as a double cleanse for a good month or so now and I still can't get enough. I use the Beautifying Cleansing Miceller Oil* to initially take off my make up. This is a gorgeous cleansing oil which takes off every ounce of make up. I then cleanse my skin with the Fresh Cleansing Gel*, which is a thicker consistency and massages into the skin perfectly. Considering how sensitive my skin is, these haven't irritated it at all and I think my skin is looking happier than it has been in a long time.

Finally I've switched up my shampoo again and I couldn't be happier. The Body Shop Ginger shampoo not only smells like a dream but cleans my hair so well. I've actually been able to get away with leaving my hair an extra day before washing. And I'm pleased to say it lives up to it's name, not a dandruff flake in sight.

Katie xx


  1. Love Soap & Glory shower products xx

  2. This is such a great idea for a post! I love seeing hauls, but it's even better seeing what makes it 'bathroom staple' status haha

  3. Thanks for sending me your link via twitter. I love soap and glory. love this post would be great if you could check out my latest post too. xxxx

  4. Oooo I just love the scent of the S&G body creams and Whipped is gorgeous! Great choices :)! Loving the geometric shower curtains too!


  5. That Ginger shampoo sounds so intriguing, I might need to try it sometime soon as my dandruff can get pretty bad at times. Thanks for sharing! :) xx

  6. The ginger shampoo intrigued me, I'm always up for anything from the bodyshop! I have issues with dandruff too, maybe I'll check it out x


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