Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pale and Interesting.

I think it's fair to say us Brits aren't the best when it comes to taking care of our skin in the sun. The media seem to have hopped on board recently and have been piping up about the importance of the right protection for your skin. The BBC give a good, easy explanation of how sunscreen works here, which I'm sure is a better explanation than I could give. 

 I know many people who have used sunbeds, including myself and not thought about the toll it's taking on my skin. I've never been a sun worshipper as such, but I have always been terribly pale and sometimes a little colour was exactly what I needed. I have tried adding the fake stuff, to prevent damage to my skin, however as the years have gone on, I've decided to embrace my pale complexion. This means I've taken control over looking after my skin. Not only am I protecting my skin from sun damage, premature ageing and all the rest, I'm hoping to reduce my chances of developing skin cancer too. 

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, so why wouldn't I want to protect it from harm. I've been burnt a few times in my life, as well as enduring sun stroke..on a plane (something I certainly don't recommend). I am guilty of leaving the house in the UK with no sunscreen on my body, but lately I have religiously been protecting my face. I know many foundations now contain SPF, but I've found they tend to be SPF 15/20, which really isn't enough for my complexion. The myth about sun creams, is that they're super thick and leave that white film all over your skin. However, I finally found a solution to all my problems...hello Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defence SPF 50*.

This sun cream is amazing. It rubs in like a moisturiser, doesn't clog my pores or break me out and gives me the perfect base to apply my foundation to. Plus this is unscented which is great for my sensitive skin and so light, I forget I'm wearing it. 

Even though applying sunscreen is a tiny tweak to my daily routine, I actually feel like I'm being more proactive in looking after my skin for the future. You only get one body, so why not look after it as best you can? The last year or so, I've changed to not care about the colour of my skin, but to care more about how healthy it looks. Plus if I keep getting told I only look 18, I will be pretty happy with that. 

Katie xx



  1. I have been looking for a good facial suncream. Some of them are too greasy but this sounds perfect. I definitely want to incorporate one into my daily skincare routine x

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  2. Ooh this looks good, I need a suncream for my face! Do you know if Kiehl's are cruelty free? I've never used them before. I love the sun, deffo a sun worshipper! Love the feel of it :) but always try to remember to wear suncream and not spend too long in direct sunlight. I've got burnt a few times too, not badly, except one time when I was very young my eyes got burnt and were all red! I had to stay inside the apartment in the dark for days :( lesson learnt, wear proper sunglasses and a hat! xo
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  3. I have this suncream! Haven't got round to using it yet but it seems amazing :)

  4. Always a photo of something catchy in my feed! Have you tried Clinque Cityblock?

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