Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Best Dressed: Met Gala 2015.

I adore red-carpet events. Not for the speeches or even the actual event, but purely for the fashion. The Met Gala 2015 saw some amazing fashion and some not so amazing fashion, but I was completely in love with some of the gorgeous gowns so here are some of my favourite picks.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks incredible as always. Seriously, when does this lady not look like she's just stepped off the runway? I love the shape of this dress, as well as the gorgeous blush pink colour.

Emily Blunt looked stunning in a Japanese style piece, with beautiful embroidery and designs. Again, I adore the colour of this ensemble, Ms Blunt is certainly rocking the pale and interesting look. 


J-Lo looked so fierce in this special number. The design of this dress is well thought out, I love the dragon design and the firery red colour. is this woman 45?!

Imogen Poots absolutely killed it for me. I adore lace and black so this is just the perfect outfit for me. She looks incredible in this gothic-esque number, if only I could pull something like this off.


I've never been the biggest fan of Rita Ora and her wild fashion sense, but this dress is gorgeous. Rita's olive skin tone flatters this ruby red dress perfectly, the personal stylist got this spot on.

Carey Mulligan rocked this simple piece. Again, I love black and the neckline is so flattering on Carey. This is the perfect example of less is more.

Who were your best dressed at the Met Gala?

Katie xx



  1. Great picks! I also loved Carey Mulligan's look and thought Claire Danes and Lizzy Caplan looked stunning too.

  2. Honestly, why does Jlo never age? I look older than her I swear. I love Imogen Poots, she's a brilliant actress, so funny! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. I really loved how Kendal Jenner looked at the Met Gala and Jessica Williams xxx

  4. A big bubble bath and a great book are my tips for winding down.

  5. A long hot bath followed by a huge hot chocolate and a cuddle with the hubby usually helps me :)


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