Saturday, 18 April 2015

Book Review - Black Ice.

If you're looking for an exciting thriller combined with a little romance, this is the book for you. Black Ice*  follows two best friends heading to an alternative spring break for a walking holiday. Unfortunately not everything goes to plan, when a snow storm hits and the girls get stuck on the mountain. Luckily they find a lodge not to far, housed by two young men. However not everything is as it seems.

The book leads to Britt and Korbie getting split up and Britt finds herself in more trouble than she expected...

They're plenty of twists and turns throughout the book and the final twist is the biggest of them all. I read this book pretty swiftly, it's a definite page turner as well as an easy read. If you want something a little different to your usual chick-lit, I'd certainly recommend picking up this book.

Katie xx



  1. This sounds intriguing. The back cover alone had me intrigued. May have to pick this up sometime x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. I'm not one for reading a book unless it really grips me, it has to have me interested from page one. I have noted this one down as it sounds like this could be a book that does that!

    Kristy |

  3. This book sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing! I really want to read it now haha :)

  4. Just added this to my Amazon list :)

    Rosy |


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