Saturday, 14 March 2015

Blogger's Favourites that Live up to the Hype.

I think it's fair to say most bloggers are guilty of giving into the hype when products are raved about in the blogesphere. I am certainly one of those that like to try out things that get great reviews, purely so I can give my own opinion. More often than not I'm disappointed and wish I hadn't bothered, but there are a few blogger-hyped products that completely live up to the rave reviews. Here's so of my favourites.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo - I didn't have high hopes for this purely because I'm obsessed with the Lush dry shampoo, but I thought I'd give it a go whilst it was on offer. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. Not only does this smell incredible but it's also such a fine mist that it leaves no colour in the hair at all. Say goodbye to those annoying white roots and hello to squeaky clean hair with that worn-in look.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm - I never thought I'd spend close to £10 on a lip balm, but when Escentual had 25% off I took the plunge. As I've mentioned before I suffer with perioral dermatitis around my mouth, which means I have constant dry lips. This stuff is like a miracle and completely soothes and protects them. I can see this will be a life long friend.

MAC Patisserie Lipstick - My all time favourite lippy. This is without a doubt the perfect 'your lips but better' shade and I think any skin tone could get away with it. I've gone on and on about this in the past so I won't bore you. But if you're looking for a perfect nude, this is it.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I picked up the core collection a while back and this brush is the only one that really stood out to me. Previously I'd been using the expert face brush which is great but a little to compact for my liking. The buffing brush has a bit more movement on the skin and really does give that airbrushed look. The only annoying thing is I don't think it's available on it's own. 

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk - This is amazing. There is no other way to describe it. I am completely and utterly obsessed with this lip pencil. It glides on the lips and stays put. This not only looks great under a nude lippy but also looks fab all over the lips to give a gorgeous matte finish. You seriously need this in your life.

What products have bloggers influenced you to buy?

Katie xx

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  1. Some really good favourites ..
    I love co lab dry shampoo, its really good stuff. I also have a NUXE lip balm.
    I really want to try that MAC lipstick and pillow talk, heard so many good things about them


  2. MAC Patisserie has been on my shopping list for so long, definitely need to buy it!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  3. I love the NUXE lip balm too & a pot lasts me ages. Its thick without feeling heavy on my lips & is so nourishing. I need to get a can of the COLB dry shampoo.

  4. Mac Patisserie is something I absolutely long for as is charlotte tilbury BUT lush do dry shampoo wtf?! I want to try that now instead first haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. I really try to give in to hype if everyone is talking about it and I still haven't tried any of these but most hype products aren't available where I live. I did like the They're Real mascara though.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. Hi Katie, I am forever enabled by bloggers!! I love the CT lip liner, I left mine in a bar and had to immediately buy two more (a back up obvs)!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  7. I've just bought the Co Lab spray but have yet to try it, can't wait to though!

  8. Pillow Talk is my life. I've just got Bitch Perfect lipstick as well and they are dreamy together. I need to swatch Patisserie but it's never instock in Selfridges. That can be my Katie Made Me Buy It purchase xx

    Anoushka xx

  9. You've done a good round up of the things that us bloggers love, I want to ALL of these but my wishlist is already to long haha ^^

  10. Love the Real Techniques buffing brush, must try that Collab dry shampoo xx

  11. It’s a really great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Like your blog very much!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  12. I am so tempted by the CT lip liner, it sounds so beautiful! xo


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