Friday, 20 March 2015

Bloggers Books; Hey Natalie Jean.

I've been reading Natalie's blog since I first started getting involved in the blogging world. I've read pretty much every post this lady has to offer and I could sit for hours and hours laughing and crying at her beautiful writing. When I first found out she was bringing out a book, I was ecstatic. I knew if any blogger brought a book out that I HAD to get my hands on, it would be one by this lady. So I pre-ordered it a few weeks back and haven't put it down since.

The book translates perfectly from Natalie's blog, which was just what I expected. The photography is so real and perfect that it just makes me want to pick it up over and over again. I've fallen in love with Natalie's little family over the years and Huck her son is the cutest little boy, with the coolest dress sense. 

The reason I love the book and the blog so so much, is because I can totally relate to Natalie. Yes she lives hundreds of miles away in the USA and yes I will never have that cool and quirky NYC apartment, but this lady is so honest, I know we would get on. The book discusses REAL LIFE which is something that people tend to avoid, but lets be honest, not everything can be lipsticks and blush. This is what makes this such an inspirational read and it will have you completely addicted to Hey Natalie Jean's blog too.

If you're going to by one blogger/vlogger book, buy this one. Trust me, Natalie will win you over in the first few words.

Katie xx


  1. What a lovely book. I have never heard of her blog before & I'm looking forward to reading back through all her old posts

  2. Wow this looks great and something I would love! Defiantly going on my list!

    Ivy xo

  3. I read her book in no time. I loved it.


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