Monday, 30 March 2015

7 Things to Prepare for a Big House Move.

Most of you know I'm not originally from the North West and in fact have only lived this side of the country for almost 4 years. I was born and grew up in Middlesbrough, which is around 45 minutes from Newcastle. In July 2011, we got married in the North East and headed for our new life in the North West in September. It's fair to say these were a whirlwind few months and it took us a good few months to get used to our new life. Now we've been hear a few years, I think I'm in a good place to discuss some of the things to expect when moving away from home. Whether that is to university or simply moving to a new city, it can be really scary but is super exciting at the same time. So here are a few tips an expectations for those considering a big move.

1. There will be days you think you've made a huge mistake - Yep, unfortunately everything doesn't always go as swimmingly as you'd like. When we first moved we had major issues with our flat, it hadn't been damp-proofed correctly a damp house and asthma does not mix. Not only this, but our toilet broke, we had to go to our nearest Tesco to use the loo. These days I think we both thought once or twice, that we could easily pack up and move back. Thankfully, we got sorted and settled into a new flat and things really turned around. The trick is to persevere, give yourself time to adjust and know your family is just a phone call away. 

2. Every weekend can be filled with something new and exciting - Moving somewhere new opens so many doors. For the first few months we were finding our feet and exploring our new home. Even now we still find things we've not discovered before and we are slowly eating our way around Manchester. Being in the North West means we are super close to Wales too, somewhere we didn't see much of in the NE.

3. It's okay to feel homesick - I get terribly homesick and have done for as long as I can remember. And I don't mean the kind where you get over it, I mean the kind where you feel sick, cry, loose your appetite, etc. Even in hotels I feel home sick, I know weird. The biggest thing I missed when we first moved, was not knowing the area. I couldn't just pop to the local shop cos I wasn't sure if I'd get lost. But now this is my home, I get homesick heading back to Middlesbrough and long to see the 'Welcome to Lancashire' sign on the way home.

4. You will meet lots of new people - (And you don't have to worry about bumping into people you don't want to see)..I luckily got a transfer to work originally and landed working with some of the loveliest people I've ever met. I then moved onto uni and met some truly inspirational people and the best thing was no one knew each other, we were all in the same boat.

5. Blogs are your best friend - I actually started my blog because I had a lot of spare time on my hands when we first moved. Delving into the blogging world, meant I wasn't alone and chatting to people via Twitter really kept my spirits up. Without my blog and other bloggers, I don't think the transition would have been anywhere near as easy.

6. You will appreciate time spent with family/friends more - Obviously, I see my friends and family less than I did before, but that makes me appreciate the time I do spend with them so much more. With technology I keep pretty much up to date with the goings on in the NE, but when I do get to see them it's so much more exciting.

7. If it's right, it will be the best decision you will ever make 

Are you heading to uni this year or planning a big move?

Katie xx



  1. Yes, yes, YES to everything above - I've moved a fair few times now (most notably to Liverpool and Munich) and all of your points are applicable. Having your blog as a constant is handy too, as you'll always have that little corner of the internet which stays the same. xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  2. Loved this post! My partner and I have been thinking about a move for some time now, but I always chicken out at the last minute due to fear of home sickness! Maybe one day I'll take the leap! :) xx


  3. I've only moved once and the stress has really put me off for life haha. Fab post!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Aw this post made me so excited for the future! So much to look forward too! / creative + lifestyle blog


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