Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dr Organic Snail Gel.

When Holland & Barrett introduced the new products to the Dr Organic Snail Gel* range I was super intrigued and couldn't wait to try some of them. I've been trying out the Moisture Mask and the Hand an Nail Elixir both from the Snail Gel range. Whilst one of my relatives has been giving the Face Serum a go. 

I've become a big fan of the Hand and Nail Elixir, especially whilst I've been on placement. Alcohol hand gel is the worst thing for my skin an nails and causes all sorts of dryness. My nails tend to break easily and become brittle, even more so in the winter, so I've been popping on this hand cream as much as possible. The cream comes in a really handy pump-style bottle, which is great for on the go. It also means I can pop it in my bag, without worrying about it leaking all over my things. The cream is really light in texture and smells quite herbally, which I love. The consistency is very serum-like and initially feels quick tacky on the skin. After a few seconds, the stickiness seems to disappear and you're left with lovely, soft and delicate skin that seems to have been renewed. I've been using this mostly before bed, to prepare my hands for the following day.

I love moisture face masks, and this is no exception. Again, the scent is gorgeous and really helps me to chill out when the mask is on. I use this a bath time, when I'm wanting to wind down before bed and it really helps to rejuvenate my skin after a long day at work. This is a great product if you don't have lots of time on your hands, but need a quick moisture boost. Pop this on for ten minutes and you'll be left with gorgeously soft, baby-like skin.

I've had great reports on the face serum too, leaving skin super hydrated and helping to reduce the signs of ageing. I'm tempted to go and pick up another bottle for myself. 

As always Dr Organic have produced some great products and kept their position as one of my favourite skincare brands. You can check out the whole Snail Gel range here.

Katie xx


  1. The idea of this line both intrigues and disgusts me haha I do hear it's a really popular ingredient in Korea though, and they know their skincare! xx

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  2. The name of this does make me go ewww a little bit, it is good to know that it does work

  3. This sounds fantastic, I use some snail gel eye masks so I really want to try this range now xx

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