Monday, 26 January 2015

Cargo Cosmetics Eye Palette.

You all know I'm a sucker for a bargain, so when I was browsing Fragrance Direct last week and stumbled across this amazing palette, I knew it needed to be mine. I've heard a few things about Cargo cosmetics, but I know they are not readily available in the UK so I was very excited to snap this baby up.

I ordered the Vintage Escape Eye Palette which comes in this gorgeous faux leather packaging which makes it feel super luxurious. As soon as I opened the palette I knew this was an absolute steal for under £20 (this is still sold on Debenhams website for £35). The palette comes with 12 different shades ranging from subtle nudes to midnight black. I quickly swatched a few shades from, the palette for the sake of this post and I am so, so impressed. The formula is buttery and almost velvety and has incredible pay off. I can see me getting a huge amount of use out of this.

I'm pretty sure there was another palette of slightly darker shades, if that's what you;re into. This is just the perfect palette for me and I can't see me reaching for my Naked 2 anytime soon.

Katie xx


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  2. what a bargain, the colours look really pretty & pigmented. I have never tried anything from Cargo

  3. That Twig color looks incredible! I'm a sucker for an Urban Decay palette so it's nice to see such a good review for a different one!

  4. so so pretty, I love earth tone eyeshadows:)

  5. Such beautiful colours! <3 xx

  6. i love the colours x


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