Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ASOS Haul.

Recently I was super lucky to win a £100 voucher for ASOS from Zoe's twitter. As much as I could have easily spent the money on a few pretty beauty products and not had a lot to show for it, I really wanted to get as much for my voucher as possible. I've been running low on decent clothes so I embarked in filling my basket with lovely dresses and the odd jumper or shirt. 

Luckily the the sale was still in full swing so I managed to bag all of these items for exactly £100. I think the most I paid for a single item was £13 which is pretty good going. I'm absolutely in love with all the pieces - which rarely happens when I make an internet order. I particularly love the elephant skater style dress and the pretty grey jumper which has love heart elbow patches. I can't wait to style all these pieces, hopefully I will get in a few OOTDs over the next few weeks - if it stays light enough, that is.

What's your favourite piece?

Katie xx 


  1. What a fabulous prize to win. Congratulations & you bought so many lovely things. That Cat print is so cute

  2. It looks like you got some lovely things! The kitty print is so cute! xo

  3. Omg you got some stunning pieces, congrats! I adore elephants so anything patterned with them is AYMAZINGGG xxx
    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. Wow! What a wonderful prize...congrats! You certainly got your money's worth x I love the cat print and the dress to the right of it!
    (I actually love them all but I had to narrow it down x You have superb style! )

    Extraneous Melodies by Emily Bee

  5. These are so pretty and love all the prints. Lovely haul and picks.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. That's a proper good haul for £100, I've got a £50 gift card and I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over what to get for weeks because I'm so determined to get as much for my money as possible!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. Oh wow these are fab! Great picks! I love the cat print one so much :D
    amber love


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