Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Greggs Christmas Cruise.

A few weeks back me and the hubby were invited to a Christmas Cruise with Greggs the bakers. Obviously, I couldn't eat much but the hubby had a ball and really enjoyed the selection of Greggs Christmas foods. 

We headed down the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester from Castlefield towards Old Trafford and Media City, where everyone dined on Greggs food and listened to some Christmas tunes. There were quite a few Christmas foods on offer, Jonathan enjoyed the Christmas sandwich selection and the amazing selection of deserts on offer. I even managed to eat the icing of the chocolate mint cupcake, which was super sweet but I thought it would go perfectly with the chocolate cake underneath. Jonathan particularly enjoyed the Christmas tree biscuits, which went down very well. 

I was informed by the Greggs team that there are plan in the future to finally introduce some gluten free products, which was really exciting news for me and my fellow GFers. I can't wait to hear about their GF products in the future.

Thank you Greggs for a lovely relaxing afternoon on a gorgeous barge. This was the perfect way to start the Christmas period.

Katie xx


  1. Love greggs cupcakes! I literally just finished eating one green cupcake and loved it, didn't know it was peppermint flavoured but I loved it

    lovely photos!


  2. Love Greggs! Those green cupcakes look awesome! x
    Maria's Adventures

  3. I had one of those Christmas Pudding doughnuts...ah-mazing to say the least!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Woah that's so cool! I would love to be sent on a boat for the day to try Greggs food, that would be my dream aha!
    Megan x meguana.blogspot.co.uk


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