Sunday, 7 December 2014

Event: ProBlo Launch.

Last week I popped along to the launch of the next big thing in blow drys - ProBlo. I was asked to be a hair model for the event so was kindly invited to the Hilton on Deansgate before the event to be pampered and prepped. Anyone that knows Manchester will know the Hilton, which towers above pretty much every other building, and the views are seriously stunning. Manchester looks pretty amazing from floor 21. The team from Cassie Lomas' Make Up Academy were hands on with make up and I adored the smokey-eyed look I was given. The ProBlo set was popped in my hair damp and I was ready to head to the launch.

The ProBlo tool comes as 6 hot-brush style heads (minus the brush handle) and clips to keep them in place. The towel-dried or damp hair is rolled in the brush head and clipped up. The brush heads are ceramic so the heat from your scalp and hair dryer can speed up the process, which is great if you're in a hurry. I was told these can be left in for a few hours, if you have the time or just popped in for 10 minutes or so to add a little extra volume.

The set was left in my hair for several hours, before they were removed at the launch. I was left with super bouncy locks, which is fab when I'm used to my hair being so flat. The ProBlo kit is surprisingly light on your head, so they're pretty comfortable for a short time. 

The event was a great experience and I loved being pampered before hand. I can't wait to try my own ProBlo set out at home and see how easy it is to do myself!

Katie xx


  1. This sounds like such a great tool! I've been after curlers for so long so I might give these a go. Your hair looks lovely!

    Lauren |


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