Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Ultimate Dry Shampoo.

Ever since I was introduced to dry shampoo many years ago, I've always been loyal to two brands - one being Batiste and the other Lush. Batiste is the original and arguably the best, where as Lush's lasts forever and does a pretty good job (if you're blonde). I've dipped my toe into the world of dry shampoo from other brands but none have yet to impress me. They either leave you're hair powdery or make it look greasier than it did in the first place - however I may have found THE one.

I picked up the Fudge Dry Shampoo on a whim in Poundland/World (?!) a few months ago, but didn't pick it up till a could of weeks ago. In a frantic rush for work I just grabbed, sprayed and hoped for the best. The first time I used this, I was very unimpressed. This was because I hadn't take the time to actually read the instructions. You are directed to spray this, leave for two minutes then brush out. So I pop this on before doing my make up, slap on my face and then brush it out and voila, super soft and clean looking hair.

One of the thing that has converted me to this, is the scent. I'm not a huge fan of any of the scents from Batiste and Lush is very samey after a while. This has a delicate fragrance and isn't overpowering, so is perfect for me. My hair always looks a little more voluminous after using this too and I'm always impressed with the lack of residue it leaves behind. Unlike other dry shampoos I've used, this doesn't coat my Tangle Teezer in a layer of dust after I've brushed it out. 

This is such a good product, and I will certainly be picking this up again. Fingers crossed it's still available for £1.

Katie xx



  1. Omg what a bargain I need to find this, I like the fudge urban hairspray that smells amazing to


  2. Sounds lovely! Even i don't like batiste as much,will look out for this!


  3. OMG a pound? thats insane that last i saw it was like £8 or something!

  4. I tried this dry shampoo too and it's fantastic! Love the scent too :) x

  5. I NEED to find this, what a bargain you found this for and I am intrigued to smell it now too xx


  6. WHAT?! That's it. I'm off to raid my Poundland and hope I stumble over this spray of magic! Thank you!! xx


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