Sunday, 9 November 2014

Surprises from Cosme-De.

I did a little squeal when this parcel arrived. I wasn't sure what goodies were making their way to me from so as you can imagine I was very pleasantly surprised. First up the Chloe perfume*. I've smelt this 10000 times when wandering through Boots and I adore this scent. It's so perfectly light, floral and girly but not overpowering or sickly sweet. I think it's the perfect subtle day time scent that lingers around all day. Another thing I love about this perfume is the packaging. What girl wouldn't love this pretty bottle on their dressing table? The bow just finishes it off perfectly.

Secondly I was kindly sent a bottle of Kiehls Lip Balm #1*. This is something I've had on my wishlist for some time. I really like Kiehls as a brand and the lip balm hasn't disappointed me. The balm is lovely a thick but not too sticky that it ends up all over. The only downside is the smell - this is fragrance free but it does have a slight plasticy smell and doesn't taste great! But I will let all that slide as it leaves my lips super soft.

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Katie xx


  1. I have the Rose version of that perfume and I love it! :) x

  2. The perfume is an absolute beauty, I haven't even smelt it and want it based on the packaging hahaha, kiehls are high on my list too xx


  3. Lovely!



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