Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Septum Piercing.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seem a sneak peak of my septum piercing last week. So I thought I'd address the matter and give you the ins and outs of this piercing. I've had my septum pierced for around two months, however it is tucked up the majority of the time due to work and uni. This is probably one of my favourite things about this piercing, I can hide it anytime I like and people will never know it's there.  Plus it's a way to have a facial piercing without the worry of scarring. Anyway, lets start at the beginning.

A few years back I had my nose pierced but unfortunately my body rejected it and it ended up migrating. Of course, I removed the piercing as soon as I noticed this, so I was luckily left with no scar. I love the look of regular nose piercings but knowing my body didn't appreciate them, I really wanted to get my septum pierced. I currently have 8 piercings in total (regular ear lobes, rook, conch, two cartilage piercings, septum and belly button) and pain wise the septum definitely hurt the most. I headed to an experience piercer, at a place I've had tattoos and piercings done before. I knew that the staff are always welcoming and the shop is super clean.

Unlike other piercings, the piercer didn't mark my nose as it would be a little awkward. Instead after giving it a quick clean, clamps were applied to my nose so it could be pierced in the correct place, also known as the 'sweet spot' within your nose. Once the piercing began the pain was bearable, however bear in mind this is quite a long piercing due to the amount of flesh to get through. As the needle was pushed through the pain was quite intense, but actually more like a stinging than anything else. This piercing does make your eyes water A LOT and I did feel as though I wanted to sneeze, which I was told was normal. After the needle had gone through, the jewellery was put in place (cue more eye watering) and I was finally free to get off the bed.

I requested that my piercing was turned up into my nose immediately due to work. The piercer informed me that they actually heal better turned inside, as it's less likely to get knocked, which would slow down the heeling process. I was advised to clean the piercing with warm water and salt twice a day using a cotton bud, which I have been doing. I feel as if this has probably been my quickest and most painless piercing to heel and so far I've had no problems. Obviously, with it being inside my nose, I have been cleaning my nose with cotton buds if I've needed to sneeze etc. 

I'm currently still wearing the jewellery that was provided but hopefully I'm looking to get a smaller horse shoe soon and quite fancy a purple coloured one. My septum is certainly one of my most favourite piercings and I seem to have had really positive reactions when I have had it on show. I love how shocked people are when they don't realise it's there. 

My advice would be if you're thinking about getting this done is go for it. Make sure you seek out a reputable piercer and ask them questions before hand.

I hope this have been useful if you are thinking about getting it done! Feel free to ask any questions.

Katie xx


  1. I really like this piercing, I didn't even think about the fact you can turn it up inside, that is so clever and like you've said, perfect for work and uni. I have a regular nose piercing and it made my eyes water so so much!

  2. my eyes were watering just at the thought of it ha, it looks great though! x

    // The Dress Diaries

  3. You really suit it! I think I'd look ridiculously weird with this piercing, but I have always kind of wanted my nose pierced! :3

  4. This piercing looks really good on you, it looks lovely :) xxx

  5. Ah this suits you so much! I'd love this piercing but I hate my nose so I don't wanna draw any attention to it :') x

  6. I like it. It looks great!!
    I have always wanted to get a septum piercing but have always been too scared. My eyes watered enough with my nose piercing and I can imagine that a septum piercing would be so much worse! x

  7. It looks gorgeous I absolutely LOVE it, I have my nose piercing regularly but wanted to get this done after seeing how a fake one looked, I am so worried it's gonna kill but I've had my nipple belly, nose and ears so why am I being a wuss? I dunno IM SCARED but you looked amazing it really suits you xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  8. Wow you actually make this piercing look so cute! I don't normally like them but you pull it off so well!

    Skin and Roses

  9. Hello gorgeous! You are so so stunning! I didn't even know you had your septum pierced, it looks awesome. I have my nose pierced and it was pretty painful, it seemed more painful to me when i got it done cos my friend lied and told me it was the least painful piercing to get done!! I love piercings so much. I'd love to hear about your belly button piercing? Like taking care of it I know would be similar but I hear so much bad stuff about them, how they get caught and knocked all the time :/ but I've been considering it for a while. xoxo
    amber love

    1. My belly button heeled pretty quickly, it was a little uncomfortable for around 2 weeks while I got used to it. I was really careful not to knock it as it was heeling and I still now very rarely change the belly bar. The majority of the time I forget it's there, it's painless and doesn't get caught on my clothes very often. The only thing I find uncomfy is wearing highwaisted jeans which can catch it sometimes!

  10. I love septum piercings, I just find them adorable and really pretty :) It really suits you! xxx

  11. It really suits you, I'm a massive fan of piercings but hate my note so wouldn't want to draw any more attention to it but it looks great on you!

    Kirsty X

  12. This looks so cool, I love septum piercings <3

  13. This suits you so much! I wish I could pull off facial piercings but unfortunately they just look a little silly on me :(
    Lou Barker xo


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