Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Luna's Special Delivery.

Last week Luna got a very exciting parcel. She was asked to review some products from Feedem*, which obviously she was really looking forward to. I picked some products for her and I chose a tunnel, some popcorn treats and a herb salad bowl. 

Luna was pretty excited to see the goodies come in a cardboard box, but as we moved passed the initial excitement she got stuck in. She was a little skeptical about the tunnel at first, but soon found it lots of fun running through and playing. I love that the tunnel is pop-up so it stores really discreetly when it's not being used. I can see this getting a lot of use, especially when the weather is warmer.

The best part was for Luna was the treats. She is a spoilt bunny, but generally has healthy veggies as treats so the popcorn sticks are super special. Luna has been muching her way through the stick and seems to be really enjoying it. Luna's favourite is certainly the salad bowl. It's packed full of herbs and leaves which she loves and the actual bowl is edible too. I gave her this yesterday and she has pretty much demolished the contents and started her way through the bowl.

I've been really impressed with the service from Feedem and the prices online are really great. I will certainly be picking up Luna some bits from there in the future. I'm pretty sure she has a long Christmas list right now!

Katie xx


  1. This is so cute!


  2. That's is really cute: my kitten is called Luna,


  3. I love how the salad bowl is edible as well, that's perfect- she is absolutely gorgeous and glad she got spoilt ;) xxx



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