Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ysl Black Opium.

YSL have done it again. They seriously never fail to impress me and the new Black Opium* perfume is no exception. Lets just take a few moments to appreciate the beautiful packaging. YSL have packaging design down to a tee, from lipsticks to perfumes I'm always impressed by the thought and sleekness of their products. This bottle in particular comes in a black GLITTERY(!) bottle with rose gold font on the lid. It's seriously any girly girl's dream. I adore the translucent centre too, where they give you a sneak peak of the perfume.

Moving onto the main show - the scent. YSL describe this as 'Black Coffee, White Florals and Vanilla' and if I'd ever smelt that combination of things together before, I'd probably agree. I'm really not a vanilla lover, so don't let that put you off. It's the tiniest subtle hint of sweetness, which goes so well with the other tones. I'd describe this as an ultra sexy but sophisticated fragrance and certainly one to use on date night. It feels really grown up without being too 'old' for me and it's much more luxurious than some of my other scents.

 For me this a night-time fragrance and I kind of feel it's been marketed that way. The black bottle and seductive scent suggest this is a fragrance to be spritzed for a romantic dinner or a cheeky night on the town. I'm off for date night tonight and I will be certainly adding a little sophistication with this fragrance.

You can pick up YSL Black Opium from Fragrance Direct here.

Katie xx


  1. The packaging of this alone makes me want to try it! The scent sounds amazing. I might add this to my birthday list! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  2. This perfume is on my Christmas list for sure! The packaging is gorgeous!



  3. I'm dying to get a whiff of this, sounds like I'd love it and the packaging is to die for!

    Katie | K NEL xx

  4. Every time I go into Boots/Debenhams I have to have a cheeky spray of this, it smells incredible! Definitely on my Christmas list.
    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  5. I would buy this just for the packaging!!! Dreammyyyy xx

    Kate | Kate Emma Loves.

  6. You lucky thing I am basically obsessing over this, it is just the most beautiful bottle EVER xx

  7. I love this perfume, but It's defo an evening scent to me xx


  8. This looks insane! I'm a huge fan of Loverdose, but I need something to switch between. Looks like I'll be popping into Debenhams for a sniff tomorrow!


  9. I've got this on my wish list/perfume gift list today unsurprisingly, I didn't like the original Opium but this is way better, perfect for nights out



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