Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Hair Wardrobe.

For the first time in a long while, I feel completely happy with my hair. As you all know I've made the transition from ombre to fully blonde and I couldn't be happier. I (weirdly) like it when my roots start coming through and I have that effortless look to my locks. I felt the need to dedicate an entire post to where my hair is now.

So this is the colour I currently use on my hair. My sister highlighted it for but as I don't see her 4 weekly, I need some input in between. After taking her advice I went for a .2 colour which was the right shade and tone for my hair. I've used this colour twice now and have been really happy with the results. It also comes with a hair mask, which is perfect for after your hair has been coloured. My hair never feels dry or chewing-gum like after using this one.

Above is a photo of my hair, just after it's been dyed. Sorry about the lack of face shot but I have two gigantic spots, I thought I would save you all from the horror.

As I mentioned last week I've been using my purple shampoo for toning my colour. However I can get a little over-toned at times and turn a shade of grey. For those in between moments I like to switch to a regular shampoo and conditioner and I've trying out the Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium range*. Not only do these smell incredible but they do a really good job on my hair too. All of the products are organic and made right here in little Blighty which is fab to know! I'm eyeing up the chocolate scented range for my next purchase. 

I recently got my sister to give me a chop too. My hair desperately needed a good trim and I ended up having around two inches off. I adore my hair short and I love how cool it looks when I have it waving, but every now and again I want my locks a little longer. I've been using these hair extensions from abhair* in medium blonde and they fit my colour pretty much perfectly. They come pre-clipped which is great for me as I have butter fingers and they fit snuggly to my roots. Abhair have also kindly offered my readers 15% off anything in the store using GoldJ15 at the checkout.

Last but not least my current go-to styling products. I have been using my Tangle Teezer for a good few years now and I could never go back to a regular brush. If I ever borrow a friends hair brush I feel as though it's ripping my hair out strand by strand. The TT is perfect for my type of hair cos it gets the loose hairs out without yanking at the rest of it. Plus these things are like miracle workers, there is seriously no knot that these can not get through.

 I am completely and utterly obsessed with the L'Oreal TXT spray. I've raved about it a few times on here, so I won't bore you with the details. But seriously, if you have fine, limp hair that needs a bit of volume - go buy this.

To finish of my complete look I spritz in a little of Neal & Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray*. As all of N&W products, this smells incredible. It's a super fine mist that adds a subtle shine to my hair without feeling heavy or greasy. Although I don't use this every day I love adding a little before leaving the house and even when my hair is up to add a little something to my pony tail.

What hair products do you use?

Katie xx

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  1. It looks like it's a lovely colour at the moment and I love neal and wolf, the shine spray smells amazingggg xxx


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