Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Blanket Wrap.

Blanket Wrap - New Look*

This last week or so the weather seems to have taken a cold turn. I'm still struggling with deciding what to wear, as although it's freezing on a morning it is still getting into the teens mid afternoon. I'm a huge lover of comfy clothes and I can't wait to finally get a new winter coat (when I've found the perfect one). However at the moment I feel like we are somewhere between light jackets and woolly cardigans. 

This blanket wrap is the perfect mix between Autumn and Winter wear. I've found it's incredible for layering on cold, misty mornings but then it's light enough to pop on over a tee. I adore the design and I feel tartan is completely on trend for this A/W so this cape will certainly carry me through the colder months. I love the fact it can be worn in different ways and I recon I could probably make a chunky scarf of it too. 

If you are looking for something a little lighter than a coat but super cosy, you definitely need to invest in a blanket wrap. 

You can check out the whole range of blanket wraps from New Look, here

Katie xx



  1. This is gorgeous on you! I've been unsure about these blankets and capes for autumn/winter, I don't usually buy into trends unless it's something I know I'll still love after the phase has passed. I think this is something I'd just end up using in the house, as another blanket. It looks absolutely stunning on you though :D xo
    amber love

  2. I really want this but in the green and navy version, and they do a gorgeous grey and white one which is so me, I love them!

    Anoushka xx xx

  3. This is super cute! You look fabulous!


  4. I've had my eye on this for a while now, it looks so cosy. (: xx

  5. I need one of these! New Look are killing it lately! x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  6. Love these, they look so snug and cosy! Tartan is a must in everyone's wardrobe this season <3

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  7. YAY I think we must of been on the same vibe today I was like sunday feels like the day to post my blanket cape, you look way cuter though and so cosy it really suits you!! xxx



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