Saturday, 4 October 2014

Primark Baggage.

All Primark
Make Up Bag - £4
Cat Bag - £3
Glittery Purse - £1.50

Primark have once again stepped up their game. These items were complete impulse buys. I didn't need a new make up bag but this stripped bag looks so much more expensive. It actually reminds me of a bag from Zara and I actually think this would be pretty cool to use as a clutch.

The cat bag is just the sweetest and it was reduced to half price. It's the perfect size for my phone and bank cards, so it needed to come home with me.

Finally the prettiest zip-purse ever. I love how glittery this is (the camera doesn't do it justice!). This loos exactly like a bag I used to have from Next, it just says Katie all over.

Have you found any great buys in Primark recently?

Katie xx


  1. These are so super cheap. I recently bought a wash bag for my holiday from there for like £4.00. I love the cat bag x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. I totally agree! primark have upped their game and have you seen the jewellery recently? oh em gee!

    lovely post!

  3. These are definitely amazing! Primark has definitely stepped up their game!


  4. the kitty bag is so cute!

    check out my blog

  5. OH WOW the cat and the glittery purse are on my list now, how adorable?! xx

  6. Primark are clearly bringing their A game this season!


  7. Ohh god - Looks like I'll have to pop into Primark and buy more bags that I just don't need ahaha ;) . I just love the striped make-up bag and the glittery bag :) They are super cute x

    Caitriona Tighe

  8. That striped bag is adorable! Love it

  9. gosh these bags look amazing! they some amazing bags lately!
    love the cat bag so cute :)

    Vintage Melissa x x

  10. I really like Primark bags, they often seem so on trend and I'm not into handbags enough to spend loads on them
    Megan x
    London Callings


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