Monday, 11 August 2014

A trip to North Wales.

Last week me and the hubby spent three days in lovely North Wales. I actually booked the trip way back in February for Jonathan's birthday, as something to look forward too. As we've just moved house, we knew we weren't going to get a 'proper' summer holiday this year, so this short break was perfect. Shamefully, we've only ever been to Wales once before. Despite living so close we've never really thought of exploring the area, so I thought it was the perfect place for us to get to know a little. 

We stayed in Holyhead, Anglesey which is a little town on the very edge of Wales. There wasn't a great deal to do in Holyhead but the marina and small beaches were pretty amazing. We spent the first day in Llandudno, which was on the way to Anglesey. We had a really traditional 'beach day' and ate fish and chips and did all the touristy things, like walking along the pier. We also headed to the toboggan ride in the hill, which was so much fun.

The next day was dedicated to exploring Anglesey. We had breakfast in Bangor and then set off to the Menai Bridge and climbed along the rocks by the beach. Menai Bridge is stunning and the little village is so picturesque, perfect place for a bit of peace and quiet. We then headed to the slightly more lively Beaumaris, which is just along the coastal road. Beaumaris has a huge castle to explore, but we and the hubby chose to explore the more gory option on the old Jail (or Gaol as it's known). Beaumaris has some pretty amazing views too and we watched the Yachts whilst sitting by the sea. 

Finally our last day was spent by checking out Southstack in Holyhead. It's an RSPB site, which an old lighthouse and is well known for watching puffins, earlier in the year. Jonathan was pretty sad the puffins had left, so we are planning another trip around June next year. 

The whole time in North Wales we were in awe at how beautiful the beaches were. To quote my other half "everything looks like a postcard". The sea was so clear and when the sun was beaming down we could have easily been abroad. For a budget holiday and somewhere new to explore, I would certainly recommend visiting - I can't wait to go back.

Katie xx 


  1. I lived on Anglesey for a year and loved it. Well, except the lack of shopping ngl >>. Gorgeous pictures, darling. Now I seriously want to return, haha. <3

    x Nicole Isabella

  2. Such a beautiful set of pictures! It's just stunning!


  3. Your photos are beautiful! I love going to the seaside and doing touristy things! Looks like such a lovely place x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  4. Oh my gosh this looks absolutely breathtaking, I have never been but sure want to go now xx

  5. Beautiful photos. I've never been to Wales but it looks lovely. Sometimes it's nice to have a holiday where this isn't a lot to do so you can just relax and be away from the more touristy places. Must have been great having such beautiful surroundings too.
    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I just spent a weekend in Paignton (Devon) and it's just so nice to be by the sea. It's definitely something you miss when you live inland! xx

    Megan /

  7. It looks so beautiful. I'd love to go Wales for a few days, I've been before when I was much younger x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  8. I love Wales it's a beautiful country :) and living so close I get to look at it all day long haha :)

  9. Such beautiful scenery!! I have never been to Wales but it looks incredible :') xx | Giveaway

  10. Looks amazing, I love beaches especially when they are more of a cold weather beaches than sunbathing beaches!


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