Friday, 18 July 2014

Super Comfy Flip-Flops.

I always struggle with getting flip-flops. I have a big issue with the toe-post and I always end up with really sore feet. Sandals always need to be super comfy when you're walking around in the sunshine and sweaty feet are the last thing you need. These fab flip-flops from Ipanema* were perfect for me to try out in Barcelona last week. 

These are super slim so packed really nicely in my case and didn't take up any room at all. They are really soft and flexible to wear and actually feel as if the soles are sort of cushioned for your feet. I picked this lovely bronze pair to make sure they are well matched with lots of outfits. I really love the gold triangle patterns of the shoes that add a little interest to the shoes.

If you're looking for a really comfy pair of flip-flops for your hols this year, I'd certainly recommend checking out Ipanema's website and trying a pair. They're great to wear for walking in the city or even on the beach - a perfect all rounder.

Katie xx


  1. These sound great! I usually never wear flip-flops cause my feet fall out of them or they hurt so much!

  2. I struggle to find comfy flip flops too, they are nice & smart too. Perfect for dressing up in the evening but still be comfy

  3. They are gorgeous I love the design and am always loooking for a comfy summer shoe xxx

  4. They're lovely, especially like the geometrical detail <3 xx

  5. These look lovely! so perfect for the evening on holiday!

    Katie //

  6. I'm in love with the detailing on these Sandals, so summery!x

  7. Gosh they're so pretty!

    I'll leave the link to my page below in case you get a chance to check it out . Obviously you don't have to but it would be cool if you could, thanks!
    Emily -


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