Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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I have some VERY exciting news to Thursday I will picking up my very own rabbit! After a extremely long wait, I will finally have a bunny back in my life. Of course, that means I've been obsessing over rabbit accessories and dragging the hubby into every Pets at Home store we pass so I thought what better time to do a sort of rabbit wishlist.

This is going to be one very spoilt bunny. I've kept rabbits in the past and I'm pretty knowledgeable about them from working at Pets at Home. I've been hunting for lots of chew toys to make sure my little bunny keeps her teeth nice and short and we don't get any problems in the mouth department. She is also being kept as an indoor rabbit but with a run outside, so she'll have a lovely comfy bed to sleep in and lots of fun playing in the garden. 

The bunny I'm getting is the same marking as the one in this photo, which in the rabbit world is known as otter. She is a Netherland dwarf X English rabbit, so I expect her to be a little cheeky. She also doesn't currently have a name, so any suggestions would be more than welcome. And apologies in advance for all the rabbit spam from next week, I'd like to think she will become a big part of Gold Dust.

Do you have any pets? 

Katie xx



  1. Aww, how exciting! I know how impossible it is not to spoil bunnies when they look at you with those adorable little faces! haha. Am looking forward to seeing a photo of her :) x

  2. Love it! I want a rabbit so badly! I have a brown minature poodle named Cinnamon :)

  3. aw how exciting! I had a little white lop rabbit a few years ago he was so sweet, I'd love another bunny but with two boisterous dogs that would probably bark at it non stop I dont think it's the best idea haha x

  4. Hi hun! Lovely photos. You linked your blog to me on the twitter chat a couple of days ago. I've been following you for a while now. I loooove your blog! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your future posts. Mind checking out mine as well? Keep in touch hun xx


  5. I've just started following you on instagram in preparation for an onslaught of bunny photos! I really want one, but having just graduated and no idea what to do with my life its probably not the best time! One day.. one day :)

    Hannah xx

  6. N'aww enjoy the rabbit! <3

  7. that's so exciting! I can't wait to read some posts with loads of pictures of her :) xx

  8. How exciting! Cannot wait to hear all about your new pet!


  9. Aww that is so exciting, and I love how pretty the specific breed you're getting is! I'd love to have a rabbit but I think my dad would kill me as I already have a cat & four rats xD


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