Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Untitled #69
I have some VERY exciting news to Thursday I will picking up my very own rabbit! After a extremely long wait, I will finally have a bunny back in my life. Of course, that means I've been obsessing over rabbit accessories and dragging the hubby into every Pets at Home store we pass so I thought what better time to do a sort of rabbit wishlist.

This is going to be one very spoilt bunny. I've kept rabbits in the past and I'm pretty knowledgeable about them from working at Pets at Home. I've been hunting for lots of chew toys to make sure my little bunny keeps her teeth nice and short and we don't get any problems in the mouth department. She is also being kept as an indoor rabbit but with a run outside, so she'll have a lovely comfy bed to sleep in and lots of fun playing in the garden. 

The bunny I'm getting is the same marking as the one in this photo, which in the rabbit world is known as otter. She is a Netherland dwarf X English rabbit, so I expect her to be a little cheeky. She also doesn't currently have a name, so any suggestions would be more than welcome. And apologies in advance for all the rabbit spam from next week, I'd like to think she will become a big part of Gold Dust.

Do you have any pets? 

Katie xx


Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Body Shop Sorbet in Moringa.

As soon as I saw these Body Sorbets hitting the blogging world I knew I had to try one. I've read hundreds of reviews before they were released in the shops and I really couldn't wait to get my hands on a bottle. I was lucky enough to get a few small samples at The Body Shop event I went to earlier this year and ever since then I've been addicted. 

The sorbets come in most of the fruity signature scents from TBS, as well as this one in the Moringa scent. I've never picked up the Moringa range before but the sample of this completely converted me, so I knew I needed to pick up the full size. It's a really floral, feminine scent and works so well as a body moisturiser. 

The actual texture of this moisturiser is like no other I've ever tried. It is, as the name suggests, a sorbet-like texture. It comes out the bottle looking quite frosty in texture and once rubs into your skin it just disappears leaving you super soft. This is a really light moisturiser, it's non-greasy and dries in seconds, so it makes getting ready much easier. Plus it leaves the scent on your skin for hours after you've applied. I'm so addicted to this I've even picked up the Grapefruit bottle to try too.

These sorbets are prices at £7 for 200mls, but look out for those discount codes for TBS as I got mine at 40% off - a total bargain.

Katie xx


Friday, 25 July 2014

Holi One Festival is coming to Manchester!

Images courtesy of Holi One

Next Saturday the Holi One Colour Festival is coming to Manchester and I can't wait! If you've not heard of the Holi One Festival it's currently making it's way around the biggest cities in the UK and spreading lots of love and colour. The festival is all about people coming together and experiencing fun, colour and music at a really memorable event. 

The idea is to wear white on arrival and leave the festival covered in colour. The powder itself is provided at the festival and is made from rice flour and food colouring, so is allergy free and will not stain most clothes. Every hour on the hour the powder is thrown in a celebration of colour whilst enjoying the live acts and entertainment.

I've never attended the festival before but I will be at the event next week, so do let me know if you're going. For those wanting tickets, the event takes place at Heaton Park in Manchester from 12pm on 2nd August and you can find tickets and more info here. I hoping to get some fab photos too, so expect a post after the event!

Katie xx


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bronze Goddess Body Oil.

I've had this really big urge to take a trip to Cheshire Oaks recently, so me and the hubby headed off to Chester in search of some bargains and a walk down by the river. I popped in my all time favourite outlet store, The Cosmetics Company and browsed the shelves for something lovely. Just as I was about to leave empty handed I spotted the Bronze Goddess range by Estee Lauder

I can't count the many times I've sniffed this fragrance in Boots and every time it reminds me of cocktails on a beach somewhere hot (or just in my back garden with this beautiful weather). This is the most gorgeous, summer fragrance that's really coconutty but not too overpowering and it completely transports you to back to your favourite holiday destination. 

I initially picked up the EDT but then I spotted the body oil and gave it a go.  It's a non-greasy oil that sinks into the skin in seconds but leaves you smelling summery for hours. I ended up buying the oil, not only because it was cheaper but I found the scent stayed on longer than a perfume. It's also really great as a moisturiser and has been perfect for days when I've spent a lot of time in the sun. This 100ml bottle only cost £26, which was £9 off the RRP.

If you're a big fan of fruity, summery scents this one will certainly be a winner. 

Katie xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

OOTD: Wedding Reception.

Playsuit - Topshop
Shoes - Zara
Extremely pale skin - My own...

First up I wanted to apologise for the poor quality of these photos. I mentioned I was at a wedding at the weekend and silly me forgot to pack my camera so these are taken on my iPhone. Moving on, this is what I wore for the evening reception on Saturday night. I adore this playsuit, I managed to get it in the sale earlier this year after eyeing it up the week before when it was full price. I love that it is so simple but classy and sophisticated at the same time. I really like the lace detail around the edge too, it adds a little more uniqueness to the outfit.

I also managed to pick up these gorgeous shoes in Zara sale whilst in Barcelona. They are so comfy and the perfect block heel to add a little height without making my feet feel as if they want to fall off. This is certainly one of my favourite outfits at the moment.

Here's a cheeky close up of me and the hubby at the wedding too...

Katie xx


Sunday, 20 July 2014

A quick catch-up.

It's been a while since I've done a Instagram/catch-up post so I thought I would give you a little insight into what I've been up to recently...

We finally got our key to our new house, we officially home owners!
After discovering a fab free from aisle in Tesco, I got a little to excited and picked up a few new things to try. The soft baked cookies are so yummy and made with no artificial ingredients. Yum.
I found this adorable coin purse in Primark and I knew I needed it in my life. I am always struggling to close my coin section (not cos I have too much money, but people insist on giving me as much copper as possible) and this is the perfect size to throw in my bag.
We found this really cute place to eat Mexican, that actually do gluten-free corn wraps. I had some amazing quesadillas with lime pulled pork. And yes, it was as good as it looks. 
Sunflowers for my third wedding anniversary. I carried these on my wedding day, the perfect gift.
My latest read... I will review ASAP.
M&S have upped their gluten free game once again. I picked up this sandwich pack to try, which was really good and better priced than those at Costa Coffee.
I adore the print of my new skirt. It was marked on the shelf as £10 and was actually reduced to £3! What a bargain! Expect an OOTD soon...

I hope you enjoyed this little catch up post, I'm actually away for a wedding this weekend so hopefully I will have lots of lovely photos to share with you.

What have you been up to?

Katie xx

Friday, 18 July 2014

Super Comfy Flip-Flops.

I always struggle with getting flip-flops. I have a big issue with the toe-post and I always end up with really sore feet. Sandals always need to be super comfy when you're walking around in the sunshine and sweaty feet are the last thing you need. These fab flip-flops from Ipanema* were perfect for me to try out in Barcelona last week. 

These are super slim so packed really nicely in my case and didn't take up any room at all. They are really soft and flexible to wear and actually feel as if the soles are sort of cushioned for your feet. I picked this lovely bronze pair to make sure they are well matched with lots of outfits. I really love the gold triangle patterns of the shoes that add a little interest to the shoes.

If you're looking for a really comfy pair of flip-flops for your hols this year, I'd certainly recommend checking out Ipanema's website and trying a pair. They're great to wear for walking in the city or even on the beach - a perfect all rounder.

Katie xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Ultimate BB Cream for Pale Skin.

After running out of foundation on my way to Barcelona (only I could do this) I was forced to embrace my sunkissed bare face whilst in Spain. I've really taken to wearing light coverage foundations and always liked the idea of BB creams, but I've always found them to be way too dark for my super pale skin

When I was shopping in Boots last week, instead of picking up my fave foundation I browsed a little and came across the Boots Botanic range, which happened to be on offer. I swatched the 'light' shade and decided it didn't look too dark and I would give it a go. I've been wearing this BB cream everyday since picking it up and I'm pleased to say it's become a firm favourite. 

The BB cream is slightly more watery than others I've used in the passed. It's much less orangey too, which is ideal for my skin tone. I've been blending this out with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which just gives a gorgeous flawless finish and creates a no-make look to my skin. I've really been enjoying the finish this gives me too, I've been avoiding using my loose powder and allowing the dewy-ness to come through. This really gives a natural finish an feels so, so light on the skin despite having an SPF 30 included.

If you've been hunting for a light shade of BB cream, I suggest you give this one a whirl. Fab coverage and fab finish, an all round winner.

Katie xx


Monday, 14 July 2014

OOTD: The Perfect Skinny Fit Jeans.

Vest - Topshop
Jeans - Warehouse*
Sandals - Topshop via Next2Nowt

Being a tiny 5"2 I find it practically impossible to find a pair of jeans I actually like and feel comfortable in. I'm just on the borderline in most shops for the petite section and find the regular length always end up way too long. In the past I've just resorted to buying £11 jeans from Primark knowing I would be disappointed when I purchase a more expensive pair with an awful fit.

 One place I've never thought to look is Warehouse. Despite owning a pair of black skinny jeans from Warehouse many moons ago, I've completely bypassed it when I'm jean shopping. And man, have I been missing out. I think it's fair to say, I've finally found a pair of jeans that fit like a glove. These are the Superfit Skinny jeans from Warehouse and let me tell you, they certainly live up to their name. Finally I've found a pair that don't feel like they'll go baggy at the knee anytime soon, or the waistband will become so wide I can fit me and the hubby in a pair. I also adore the colour. I've always stuck to quite dark denim but this lighter pair are just right for summer and brightening up an outfit. These are the ultimate jean for me and it's only taken me 23 years to find the perfect fit...

You can view all of Warehouse's jeans here.

Katie xx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sephora & Spanish Beauty Haul.

So I may have taken a cheeky trip to Sephora whilst in Spain. Of course I hunted it down ASAP and dragged my poor friend around whilst I browsed the goodies. I was pretty well behaved and didn't spend too much at all. I only had hand luggage so I had to be quite reserved with the liquids I bought but I could have spent a huge amount of money. As this wasn't in America there was as much selection of brands but I still managed to pick up some new things to try. Here's what I bought:

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Pallette - 15 Euros (sale)

 Sephora Candle in Mango - 3 Euros (sale)

Sephora Nail Varnish - 2 Euros each (sale)

Body Wash Samples - 80 Cents each

We also had a really cute supermarket just next to our hotel which had some beauty ranges. I obviously couldn't leave without exploring what the shop had to offer.

Baby Lips Electro - 3 Euros
Lip Balm - 1 Euro

 Face Mask - 1 Euro

I did pick up some fashion-y things too but I think I will reserve them for an OOTD. I was so excited by Sephora, I now need to persuade the hubby to take me to the USA so I can shop til I drop!

Katie xx


Friday, 11 July 2014



I'm sure you'll know I've just got back from three days in Barcelona. I thought I would share a few photos from my trip. The weather was glorious (and it looks like I've brought it home with me!) and me and my friend spent time chilling in the sun and exploring the city. This is the third time I've been to Barcelona and once again it did not disappoint. There is so much to see and to do, I don't think you could ever get bored. Even though I'm now chilled out in my new house, I'm craving those gorgeous fresh fruit juices and Nutella ice cream - take me back.

Katie xx
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