Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sandal-ready feet.

If you're anything like me your feet will get neglected for at least 6 months of the year. If I know my toes are going to be out of sight, I let my nail polish chip and don't bother re-painting. So this time of year they obviously need a little pampering before I feel confident enough to slip on some sandals.

I always shape my toe nails with nail scissors. I find it much easier than filing, plus the feeling of a nail file really goes through me. I have very ticklish feet and can't stand anyone near them, I even struggle to touch them myself sometimes, so going for a pedicure is very much out of the question.

I should take my care of my feet, after all they do all the hard work when I'm out and about. Recently I've been trying out The Buddah Beauty Company's Sole Soother* which is an organic peppermint foot cream. It's really thick and moisturising and turns into this gorgeous oil-like texture on your skin and sort of melts into my dry patches. I always find this great after a really long, warm day on my feet, this just cools and sooths perfectly.

Lastly, I finish of my feet with a pretty polish. I'm currently obsessed with the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes, they are just such great quality for the price and I've found I can get a good 4/5 days chip free even without a top coat. Plus I'm super impatient and always smudge my toe nail varnish on my clothes or the carpet, so a quick drying time is always a winner.

Hopefully my feet will be ready to wear my pretty new sandals for Barcelona in a few weeks. I'm actually really looking forward to pampering my toes a little and giving them the care they deserve.

Katie xx


  1. Great tips :)

  2. My feet could do with some serious pampering, great idea!

    love victoriajanex


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