Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pizza Express at Piccadilly Gardens.

Pizza Express has always been up there with my favourite restaurants. Mainly because it's one of those lovely restaurants that has jumped on the gluten-free band wagon and I actually have choice of a decent sized menu. Last week me and the hubby headed over to Pizza Express at Piccadilly Gardens for a yummy three-course meal. Not only is the restaurant in the perfect setting, right in the centre of my favourite city, it was also a really lovely day so we chilled out on the grass before our meal time. 

I actually tried a few 'new' things on the menu which was exciting to have something different. I branched out from my usual Margarita and had some more daring food. We actually took a break from the 'no sugar' diet for the meal, so I was very excited to have a little sweetness.
Starter: Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

This was a gorgeous fresh salad and perfect for the summer weather. I adore tomatoes and cheese, so this salad couldn't have been any more perfect for me. The pesto was to die for and went perfectly with this yummy salad. I would without a doubt, choose this again as a super light starter.

 Main: Gluten Free Emilia Pizza (New)

This sounded so delicious on the menu, the pizza is described as mushrooms, goat's cheese, garlic oil and mozzarella, finished off with rocket. This was a strange 'pizza' for me as there was no tomato sauce base, so to me it was more of a garlic bread. I loved the cheeses and garlic flavour, but there was just a bit too much rocket for my liking. I actually had to put quite a lot to the side to get to the pizza underneath, which was really yummy.  

Dessert: Leggera Lemon Curd Sorbet (New)

This was amazing. I so, so enjoyed this dessert. The sorbet was light and tangy and went perfectly with the dark chocolate. This is the ultimate summer dessert and totally cleanses the palette after a meal. I was worried I wouldn't be able to manage dessert, but this went down like a dream.

Jonathan's meal review:

I am not quite as big a fan of Pizza Express as Mrs A. I have always found that the quality doesn't math up to the price point - there are so many good Pizzerias around Manchester and Pizza Express has never quite measured up.

Starter: Original Bruschetta 

You can't really go wrong with bruschetta, so this one didn't really disappoint, it did exactly what it said on the tine. The food was presented well, tasted fresh and (most importantly) there was a good portion.

Main: Calabrese Pizza 

Spicy pizza's are my absolute favourite, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to try the new 'hot' offering at Pizza Express. However, this pizza was a slight disappointment - it costs upward of £12 and the big wigs at Pizza Express seem to think piling it high with rocket is a way to justify the price. For me, this was a missed opportunity and the smoke and mirrors attempt trick us in to believing this was much more than an 'American Hot' failed on every level.

Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Cake

It was chocolate fudge cake. How could this fail? But I am not sure a mint leaf being stuck on the side of the plate make this worth +£5 - after all we are in a chain restaurant.

Overall, the food did not live up to expectations but who cares? I got to spend the evening with my gorgeous wife.

Katie & Jonathan xx

*We kindly received this complimentary meal from Pizza Express, all opinions are honest



  1. Looks like a really yummy meal!


  2. Looks gorgeous, I would totally choose all 3 of your courses of choice. Shame your husbands didn't match up for him, but love his final comment ... so sweet xxx

  3. That salad looks so lovely and fresh! And the pizza looks delicious - I wouldn't normally go for a GF option, or a tomato-less pizza, but it looks so good! I know what you mean about the garli bread similarity but I always think it's nice to try something different :) There's a small chance I might be going to Pizza Express next week and, if I do, I'll be having what you had!

    Your husband also sounds like a sweetie, what a lovely final comment!

    Jo xx

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