Sunday, 29 June 2014

Going Lighter for Summer.

After a few weeks of being lighter, I think it's time we address my hair here on my blog. I've been thinking about ditching the ombre for sometime I just wanted something a little lighter and I felt my hair just needed a refresh. A few weeks back I got my sister to transform my hair and make my locks lighter for summer. I adore the ends of my hair, they are the perfect colour for me, but obviously as my hair was darker up top it will take a few rounds of highlights to get it the same shade. However, I am so happy with the results from just one full head of highlights. The colour lifted so much more than I thought it would and there is just the tiniest patch that's still a little darker than I would like. 

To keep my hair is good condition after being lightened, I've been using the BLONDEME* range from Schwarzkopf. I've been washing my hair with the Colour Enhancing Blonde Shampoo, which is a really thick purple shampoo to give you that fab anti-yellow effect. I've been leaving this on a few minutes in the shower then washing it out to leave me with toned and ashy highlights. After towel-drying my hair I've been applying the Colour Correction Spray Conditioner, which is again a purple-toned product that leaves my hair super soft and easy to manage.

Once a week I've been applying the Keratin Restore Blonde Mask to my hair before washing it. I love hair masks and this one is no exception. It is super thick and luxurious and leaves my hair feeling amazing. I tend to leave this on a little longer than the 10 minutes recommended as I really like to make sure it works super hard on my dry hair.

I'm really impressed with the BLONDEME range, but the thing I love the most is the smell of the products. As these products are part of the professional range they smell incredible and leave me with that salon-feeling every time I wash my hair.

Katie xx 



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  2. You're so pretty. Love the products. Hopet that you'll check my blog.

  3. It looks soo lovely ! x

  4. Gorgeous hair! It's nice to go lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. Your ombre hair looked so pretty too :) xx

  5. your hair looks so lovely!

    from helen at

  6. Gorgeous hair, looks so lovely!
    L xo

  7. goodness im jealous it looks gorgeous this colour! suits you, bit like kate mara's xo

  8. I'm going a bit darker for summer. But still blonde so I will get some BlondeMe to help! Love your hair you gorgeous girl!


  9. Beautiful colouring, it really compliments your face! xx


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