Friday, 20 June 2014

Full-filling Goals.

This might seem like a really strange post to write, but way back in January I made a few goals for the coming year, one of which was to drink more. This time last year I could go an entire day without drinking and only have half a glass of juice with my tea. I knew it wasn't a good way to look after myself, so I made one of my resolutions to drink more. I have to say, this is the first year I've ever actually stuck to a resolution out. It may only be 6 months into 2014 but I can see I'm not going back on this one anytime soon.

With all this in mind I wanted to make sure I was drinking enough on the go, so I went on the hunt for a water (or in my case sugar-free cordial) bottle. In the last 6 months I've made it through a good few bottles, mainly super cheap ones from Primark or just recycling a good old Evian, but I really wanted something more long term. After hunting in many TKMaxx, I stumbled across this Aladdin bottle and I've never looked back.

Aladdin was a company I'd vaguely heard about in the past so I was pretty happy with my choice. The bottle is really strong plastic, which happens to be BPA free, which means it doesn't leak any nasty chemicals into your drink that some other plastics do. This has a super wide top, so would be perfect to pop a few ice cubes in, then a screw on drinking spout and separate lid. Something I was forever worrying about with other bottles was them spilling in my bag. This lovely thing has a no spill lid and I'm happy to say my iPhone and camera are kept very safe and dry even when they are housed next to my drink in my bag. It also has a cute little handle which would be great to take running or to the gym.

I always have this bottle filled up, even at home. I know that it holds 600mls so two full bottles a day, is far, far more than I was drinking previously. I love my bottle, the ease of filling it up and cleaning just encourages me to drink more and I'm not afraid to say I'm proud of not giving up on this goal.

Katie xx


  1. Well done on drinking more water, it can be a real challenge. I have a bobble water bottle but considered the aladdin one for ages. I might give that one a try when my bobble gets tatty. xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. I've been drinking more water too lately- it's quite hard to do!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  3. I've seen these around and now I may just invest in one! I am exactly the same - accidentally dehydrating myself. I need to drink more and it's great to see that these habits can be changed :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  4. Good for you Katie, I love my water and drink 2-3 litres a day now. Keep it up :) Mwah xx


  5. I have an Aladdin bottle that I bought just last week from Home Sense! Such a great idea, mine holds 700ml and I drink a whole bottle everyday now - way more than before. As well as being more environmentally friendly as I always used to open a new plastic bottle and then I wouldn't even finish it! Great post & well done for sticking to it for 6 months! x


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