Friday, 27 June 2014

Bathroom Inspiration.

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I'm officially on the final moving house countdown. This time next week, we will have our very own keys to our very own home. When I haven't been bogged down with uni work, I've been trying to think of ideas for decorating our house. The bedroom is pretty much complete, but my dressing room and the bathroom certainly need a lick of paint. 

We were both convinced we wanted really light, pastel colours throughout the house, however we watched a house programme recently and completely changed our minds. I'm now obsessing over darker colours and really light accessories. I've always wanted crisp, white towels but they have just never gone with our bathroom decor, so I think now is a good opportunity to incorporate them. 

Our bathroom is by no means small, but it's not huge either so storage ideas are always a plus. I love the quirky shelving and basket storage ideas in some of these images. I really love the random pops of colour on the grey walls too, the yellow certainly makes the bathroom cool and unique. It's just so hard to decide what we want, but hopefully paint shopping next week with resolve our problems.

Seven days to go!

Katie xx


  1. Those towel baskets are adorable! We have shelves from Next Home that I have towels on as a feature.. they look lovely

    Kimberley | Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  2. I love dark colours in a bathroom! Pale colours are just too cold I like to feel warm and cosy when I take a bubble bath!!

  3. I love that blue and orange in the bottom right! I want to redecorate now!!


  4. Ahh that is so exciting! I absolutely loved moving into my own place :) Good luck! xxx


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