Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain.

As you're all probably aware I am very pale skinned. In fact, that is probably an understatement and I actually resemble some sort of ghost, especially at this time of year. Unfortunately my Cyprus-glow has swiftly disappeared and I'm back to my normal shade of white. If you are a fellow pale-skinned girl. you'll know how frustrating drugstore foundation shopping can be. Although I have my trusty L'Oreal True Match foundation which is my all time favourite, it is quite light coverage and some days my skin really needs just that little bit more. After hearing that Rimmel had finally upped their game and brought out a lighter shade, Light Porcelain, in the Wake Me Up foundation range, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

I've heard so many rave-reviews about the Wake Me Up range, but hadn't got round to trying. However, after hearing so many positive things, I had high expectations for the foundation and I'm pleased to say it hasn't disappointed. The Wake Me Up foundation has a very different texture to the one I'm used to applying. True Match is a very liquidy foundation and sort of glides onto my skin with very minimal effort. Where as the Wake Me Up is much less-watery and actually quite thick in texture, meaning it does give a more medium coverage and requires a little more work on my skin.

I'm not so sure about the 'wake me up' aspect of the foundation but it does certainly give me good coverage and leaves me with flawless-looking skin. I love the coverage especially around my eyes, where I can get dark circles and this certainly disguises them. Staying power of this foundation is pretty incredible. I've worn this all day at work then gone to dancing and it's still be in place when I get home. I have found I don't need to top up with any powder all day as this seems to mattify my skin all day long.

Finally the colour. Thank you Rimmel for producing such a light foundation for all us pale-skinned girls out there. This is a pretty much perfect match for my skin colour and their isn't a tinge of orange in sight. You can find Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Light Porcelain in Boots and Superdrug.

Katie xx


  1. I am sooo pale and always looking for a good coverage foundation to try out. May have to give the wake me up foundation a whirl too. xx

    Lauren |

  2. I do love a bit of Rimmel Wake Me Up, it is surprisingly good for the price and I always keep one on hand. With summer coming it's going to become a staple again, I think :)
    Mel x

  3. I love the Wake Me Up Foundation - it always gives such a good finish. It looks great on you - your skin looks amazing!

  4. I bought this the other day too! So far, I actually really love it :) xxx

  5. I really love this foundation x

  6. I'd been dubious about trying this because of the 'wake me up' aspect. I thought it might highlight problem areas but I'll try and get my hands on it after you said it gives good coverage.
    Nice to know I'm not the only ghost that uses light porcelain shades!
    Alex x

  7. I love the Wake Me Up Foundation, it's always my go to foundation if all else fails.


  8. So great to find out about this new shade! I am also incredibly pale, so yeah, I do struggle a lot to find a perfect match to my skin tone. I will definitely take a look at this, thanks for sharing :)

    Inês xo

  9. I love this blog!! The flash up the top is awesome!!


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