Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Primark Daisy Print Nails.

I've blogged about Primark nails in the past but lately they have really expanded the designs you can get. These are my latest find, I love the daisy print on the blue - these looked perfect for the bank holiday. 

They haven't got the longest staying power, but there is no reason you can't use a different nail glue with these, however the Primark one that comes in the pack, is far from the worst I've tried. I only wear these nails for a few days anyway, due to work as well as not wanting to completely destroy my own nails.

The packs of nails come with 24 nails, meaning you can do a full set twice over and still have spares. The packs are £1 each and there are so many designs to choose from. I'm already eyeing up my next set for when I'm off for a week at the end of the month!

Have you tried Primark nails?

Katie xx


  1. Wow they're beautiful, you would never guess they were only a pound!

    Abby x

  2. I love these for £1 each. This is a cute pattern & very summery

  3. Love that, so cute!!

  4. Oh gosh, I was literally in Primark the other day holding these very beauties and decided against buying them because I just had no faith. Whyyyyy did I not see this before said non-purchase :( they are gorgeous!

    Lovely post XX

  5. These look lovely! I like how they don't look overly long, I hate long false nails! Need to remember these next time I'm in Primark :) xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  6. I haven't tried Primark's nails before, I absolutely love this design - I'm obsessed with daisy print at the moment! For £1 they sound like such a great choice! XX

    A Blonde Moment

  7. These look adorable. I need them! xo

  8. They're so pretty! Great for £1!


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