Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Make-up Brushes Everyone Needs.

I've owned Real Techniques brushes for some time and they've always been a big part of my make up routine. My favourite brush last year was the Expert Face Brush, but after gradually moving on from it, I decided it wasn't the foundation brush for me and reverted back to using my fingers to apply foundation. That was until I discovered the Buffing Brush from RT. This actually comes in the Core Collection and I'm pretty sure you can't actually buy it on it's own, but for me the collection is worth buying purely for this brush.

There is nothing that applies my liquid foundation like this brush. Although it was initially designed for applying mineral and powder-based foundations, I've found this does an amazing job at blending out my favourite liquid ones. This brush leaves a completely flawless look and a sort of airbrushed feel to the skin. I prefer this to the Expert Face Brush as the bristles are much less compact, giving this brush much more movement on your face and it allows the foundation to 'buff' into the skin perfectly. I also find that the bristles don't soak up all of my foundation. In fact they seem to soak up very little, meaning I don't need to re-apply a thousand times to get the right finish. This is without a doubt a staple in my make-up routine.

For applying concealer I find the Contour Brush is perfect. Again, this isn't designed for how I use it but it's just perfect for using under the eyes. Not only is this the ideal shape for applying concealer and powder under my eyes, it's also really soft and delicate around that sensitive area. I love the finish from this brush too, it seems to blend out my concealer amazingly and doesn't leave any of those 'stripes' you can get from not blending very well. This is also fab for patting on finishing powder under my eyes to complete my make-up look.

What's your favourite RT brush?

Katie xx



  1. The contour brush is just brilliant. I don't know how I lived without it before, don't even get me started on the buffing brush - I could write an ode to it x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. Whole heartedly agree, I use both of these brushes on a daily basis! In fact I use a lot of RT brushes on a daily basis!


  3. Definitely agree with this post! My fave brush is the buffing brush, so great and available!

  4. I totally agree, I love both of these brushes. The stippling brush is a big favourite of mine too.
    Got to love a bit of Real techniques!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  5. i have the expert face brush and the stippling brush but i really want the buffing brush!!

    check out my latest post :)

  6. I adore both of these brushes! Their eyeshadow shading brush is lovely too :) xx

  7. I LOVE the Buffing Brush! It makes applying foundation so much easier!
    Elise -

  8. I love the Real Technique brushes my favourite is the Blusher Brush.



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