Saturday, 10 May 2014

I Quit Sugar.

I am without a shadow of a doubt, addicted to sugar. To the point, where I'm ashamed to say, I don't seem to be able to function without having some chocolate or sweets during the day. I have been trying to cut down, but like anything else our bodies are so used to, it's really hard. I'd been contemplating buying 'I Quit Sugar' for sometime but was convinced I wouldn't be able to do it. However, last week enough was enough, I don't want to eat sugar all of the time and certainly don't want my body to have to rely on chocolate to function correctly. I  spotted the book reduced in WHSmith, had a quick flick through and knew I needed to give it a go, so I ran to the till and bought it.

The first thing that struck me about this book, is it's set out perfectly for me. It's easy to read, Sarah writes in a really quirky and personable fashion, and I've found my self picking this up and reading it over and over. The things I've learnt about sugar and our bodies, terrifies me. So much so that I've only had chocolate twice this week and no sweets at all. Even if you're just passing WHSmith or Waterstones, just pop in and have a flick through, I promise you, you will learn something.

Anyway the book is set out in a 8-week detox, which I am actually starting from Monday. The book guides you through the 8-weeks giving you hints and tips and well as having 108 sugar-free recipes. The first two weeks, focuses on cutting sugar down and week three is all about getting rid of the sugar completely. I say completely, but Sarah does explain we can have up to 6 teaspoons of sugar from food, a day. You'd be surprised to hear 6 teaspoons of sugar is less than a glass of fruit juice. Here's a few snippets from the book:

So the next 8-weeks are probably going to be tough, however me and the hubby are determined. I'm going to be trying out some of these sugar-free recipes from the book, so expect some more food-related goings on, as I keep you all up to date with my sugar-free lifestyle

Wish me luck!

Katie xx


  1. This is such a good idea, I am a little addicted to sugar but this would be a great challenge. Please keep us updated.


  2. Good luck! I don't eat much refined sugar, it's amazing how much sugar is in some foods!

  3. Good luck xx
    I've been trying to quit sugar too but failed miserably! This book sounds so good and helpful :) xxx

  4. wow such a good idea! I am literally addicted to chocolate, I eat it for breakfast, with my lunch and after my dinner!!
    This has inspired me to motivate myself to eat less!!

  5. does stevia count as sugar? I have to put some sort of sweetener in my coffee/tea.

  6. I love this post! I'm thinking about cutting out sugar because I too am a slave to my sweet tooth.

    If fact I'm trying a chocolate free day today and so far I'm extremely grumpy...

    Keep us updated on the detox :)

  7. I've come close to picking this book up a few times, I have the sweetest tooth ever and like you I rely on sweets and chocolate to get me through the day. Maybe I'll have a snoop and finally commit to buying it!

    Jordan x

  8. I've been considering betting this book for a little while now. The thing that worries me is getting the ingredients - I can imagine it costs so much to have everything, and the time it takes too. However I do believe that I am addicted to sugar and most of us probably are! Even if you have something savoury there is so much sugar in there. I'm so tempted to get this book - even if I just use a couple of the recipes, it'll do me good.

    Loved this review, so honest and interesting! Thanks for showing us some of the inside too :)

    Jo xx

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