Monday, 14 April 2014

The Reverse Hair Wash.

I will be honest, I'm not a big newspaper reader or fan, for that matter. But when I saw this article floating around twitter I thought I would take notice. Being in Cyprus when I originally read it, I thought there was no better time to give the 'reverse hair wash' a go. And so I did. 

I will be honest, the first time I did this it was very strange. I didn't notice a huge difference at first and it wasn't until I'd gone nearly a week without washing my hair again, that I thought wow. And so I've continued to do this the last few times I've washed my locks and I feel as though my hair is getting softer and cleaner by the wash.

The thing that really made me want to try, was the article explaining that we don't always wash our conditioner out properly. We all know how thick conditioner is and I certainly know how awful my hair can feel if I didn't manage to rinse it properly. So in theory, the more product left in your hair, the duller and heavier you barnet will be. 

Using conditioner first and shampoo second does feel kind of weird. But my hair isn't knotted or tangled when I get out of the shower and it doesn't resemble a bird's nest, because I haven't used conditioner after my shampoo. The images above are of my hair just blasted with a hair dryer and then left to it's own devices. I know it's hard to tell what hair feels like from a photo, but trust me, it's super soft and feels squeaky clean. The biggest improvement for me is the length of time I can leave my hair between washes. I generally wash it every three days or so, but I've managed to get it down to every 4-5 days depending on what products I've used on it. 

The reverse hair wash has definitely converted me, and if you want lighter, softer feeling locks I suggest you give it a whirl.

Katie xx 


  1. I'm definitely going to try this this week, I've seen so many posts about it!xx

  2. I've tried it a couple of times and noticed a difference in wash times too, though mine wasn't nearly as long as yours haha! I have quite fine hair that usually gets greasy after just twenty four hours so to make mine last even 48 hours felt like a miracle haha xo

  3. That gives me hope! I think I'll have to give it a go :) I currently wash my hair every other day but I'd like to reduce it if possible.xx

  4. This sounds like such a great tip! xx

  5. I think I'm going to have to try this, I have oily hair, I've sen a few posts on this so far so I think i'm going to give it a go.

    x x x

  6. My hair literally becomes greasy by the end of the first day so dry shampoo is my best friend! I am definitely giving this a go, I also have heard lots about this over the past couple of days and I want to try it!

  7. I am definitely going to try this as at the moment I am only using shampoo due to frustration of product build up, this sounds great xxx

  8. Oh I needed to read this so badly...thank you for sharing! I will definitely be trying this!!!

    PS: What shampoo and conditioner do you use/recommend?? Thanks!

  9. This makes so much sense! I'm definitely going to try this tomorrow morning!

    Fox & Feather

  10. This is intersting - I will try it but I'm feeling apprehensive about it! haha


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