Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Perfect Drugstore Moisturiser.

I'm extremely late on the band wagon when it comes to the Garnier Moisture Match. This was one of those quick impulse purchases, I'd ran out of my current moisturiser and wanted something to tide me over until I got a replacement. However, I have well and truly fallen in love with this drugstore offering. 

This tube set me back a tiny £2.50 in Body Care and I just can't get enough of it. So much so, I've held off the search for a new higher-end moisturiser in favour of this. I have normal to slightly dry skin, depending on the time of year and right now it's behaving it's self. After a mad rush before Cyprus I wanted a moisturiser with SPF in so I didn't need to put regular sun cream on my face (which breaks me out no end) so the SPF 20 in this little bottle was what sold it to me. I didn't expect much and was looking at this as a short term fix to protect my skin whilst in the sun. It did that and so much more.

The consistency is super light-weight even though it does contain an SPF. I don't feel like this cloggs my pores at all and my make up glides on nicely after I've let this soak in. I use a pea sized amount on a morning and that completely covers my face and doesn't leave any residue like some SPF containing moisturisers do. This smells pretty good too. I wouldn't say it's perfumed as such, it's quite a nice natural smell and isn't overpowering at all. But the thing I like most about this, is the fact it does seem to be the exact consistency for my skin type. I always find it difficult to get a decent moisturiser that isn't tailored to dry or oily skin, but this is just about perfect for us normal-skinned girls.

I'm sure you all are aware there are moisturisers in the range all aimed at every different skin type, so you never know, this could be the moisturiser you've been hunting for too. I recommend checking Savers and Body Care for deals as this was around half the price of Boots and Superdrug.

Katie xx 



  1. What a great deal! I like that it's got spf,that's one of the first things I look for in a face cream.I'll have to check out Savers.Great review.xx

  2. This sounds amazing and so perfect for Summer! xx

  3. I got a sample of the pink dry skin moisturiser and it's perfect for me! I only tried it on a whim too :) xx

  4. I use this one too and I really love it! xxx

  5. I've seen these before but never tried it - you've made me want to though! At the moment I'm interested in investing in some decent skincare; day cream (with SPF) and night cream and perhaps an eye cream too - my friends have told me to start pre-empting those wrinkles! However I think I'm tempted to check this out first, since it looks like such a bargain!

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy


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