Monday, 21 April 2014

The New Way to Apply Make Up.


Photos taken with loose powder and blusher underneath my foundation

A few weeks ago I read a really interesting post from Claire over at Agent Smyth  all about applying powder before foundation. Claire got the inspiration from Wayne Goss on YouTube, who I've subscribed too for so long and watch religiously, but some how missed this video. Ayway after reading Claire's post, I popped over to watch the vid (here) and I've been giving the whole loose powder under foundation a go. And so far so good. My foundation literally does not budge during the day, I was a little concerned about not applying powder over my foundation and it leaving me just a little too shiny, but because the power soaks up excess oils in your skin, my foundation applies matte and stays that way.

I haven't done this post to rip-off Claire's, I've actually done this because Wayne had a new video out last week about applying blusher under foundation too (here). The idea behind this is you can apply as much blusher as you like - you do resemble a clown, and then apply foundation over the top so the blush gives you a very natural finish. I've found applying Nars Orgasm under my L'Oreal True Match foundation gives me a really subtle flush to my cheeks. On the photos above, the only thing I have applied on top of  my foundation is highlighter - nothing else.

I love this new style of applying my foundation. I know now if my blusher looks a bit too full-on, it doesn't matter once my foundation is applied. As I have 'normal' skin type, I'm not particularly oily at all, but I know that I can now apply my foundation over loose powder and not have to think about it for the rest of the day. I'm really happy with this new technique and if you are looking for a really natural, subtle look I would definitely recommend giving these two tips a go.

Katie xx


  1. This is really interesting! Have not heard of this technique, will have to try that today :)

    Honey Go-Lightly

  2. This sounds like a great idea I'll have to give it ago! It makes you look really natural and ready for summer, Jess xx

  3. This seems so interesting. I need to try it!

    Georgia | BeautyInsideArt

  4. I'm going to give powder under foundation a try tomorrow! I read Claire's post when she first wrote it, but somehow I had forgotten until now so thank you for the reminder! x

    Rebecca |

  5. I love doing this it gives a great non budging finish. I always worry that it can seem like there's too much on my face but it really works xxx

  6. I do this in the summer and works the best! Though I think doing it for blush could be a waste unless you had a super heavy hand applying it lol


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