Thursday, 3 April 2014

Practicing Yoga from YouTube.

I've recently taken up Yoga, in my own home. I've been looking into going to a yoga class for some time, but when they are £5+ a session, I just can't justify it. So off I went to trusty YouTube in search of the perfect yoga videos, expecting to be disappointed. But to my surprise I found them! After I've tweeted about finding fab YouTube Yoga videos, I've had a few people ask me about who I've been watching, so I thought I would share the lovely Adriene with you.

I've been using these videos to practice yoga a few times a week. I love the variety of vids that are available and the length of the videos. If you have an hour or so spare, you can do a longer practice, but there are also videos if you only have 10 minutes or so free. 

There are a huge selection of different types of videos, from full yoga workouts to body stretches and videos purely focusing on the basics of yoga poses.

This is a snippet from my favourite video at the moment. This is the 20 minute Vinyasa Sequence, part of the flow yoga series, which involves smooth movements following your breath. It's surprising how much this can get my heart rate up and definitely warms up and stretches my body. This is a little more fast paced than the beginners videos but I'm getting to know this routine now so I can just about keep up.

I'm a big fan of the Yoga for Abs Workout too. This is a really simple and quick video to do if you have a spare 10 minutes. Adriene focuses in on your abs and makes you work hard for 6 minutes or so. You can really feel this on your abs the following day and it's a little more interesting than just doing sit-ups.

Finally this snippet is from Yoga for Complete Beginners, which is where I actually started out. This is a really nice paced video, where Adriene spends time explaining the movements and brings it back to basics. I would definitely recommend starting out with this one if you're completely new to yoga just to get some idea of the types of poses and movements you can practice. 

I hope this has been useful if you're wanting to give yoga a go but don't really want to leave the house. Take a look at Adriene's list of videos, there are plenty to be getting through. Check out her channel here.

Katie xx


  1. I love, love, LOVE Yoga with Adriene. I posted about her/yoga not too long ago actually :) she's so down to earth & you end up feeling so relaxed it's wonderful. I did her Yoga for Lower Back Pain about half an hour ago & my back is very grateful!

    Sam xx

  2. I just started really getting into yoga - I am seriously the antithesis of flexible. I only have one DVD at home, but your post makes me excited to try some other options!

  3. I've always wanted to try Yoga - I tried a few online videos before but found it hard to follow and I'm not sure I have room in my bedroom for that any more! Maybe I could do it in the garden at weekends ;) Thanks for sharing though, I'll definitely be checking it out!

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

  4. Oh wow I love Yoga and used to actually use DVDS so I will be looking into this to kick start my pre fitness and relaxing between Uni xxxx

  5. Sounds like a great idea! I've been to a few yoga classes but sometimes its nice to do it in the comfort of your home! xx

  6. May have to try this! My doctor advised I try yoga to ease stomach cramps - maybe I should give this a go :)

    Also your blog is lovely, reminds me of tinkerbell!

    Steph, from xxxx

  7. I could do with trying Yoga, I have been told it might help my joints!



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