Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Time Jewellery.

As we're coming into spring time, hopefully I can finally put my winter coat away and exchange it for a lighter, more flattering jacket. I always feel so clumpy in a coat and I feel as though wearing accessories are going to be lost under my layers, but hopefully as the weather changes I can finally add a bit of bling to my outfits.

I was very kindly sent these gorgeous pieces of jewellery from Punky Pins* and I just love them. They are both made out of acrylic and are handmade by the lovely people at Punky Pins. I adore the personalised necklace, it's so cute and is perfect to wear over a plain black tee so the neon writing stands out.

The second piece I received is this gorgeous daisy chain bracelet. This is just perfect mix between chunk jewellery and delicate design. I love the print of this, and the daisy chain idea is adorable - I can see me getting a lot of wear from this, in the next few months.

Katie xx


  1. I've loved Punky Pins forever, I miss having their acrylic cut-out glory around x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. I love the daisy bracelet, its super cute x

  3. Such a pretty bracelet! xx

  4. I love the bracelet! It's gorgeous :) x
    Elise -

  5. Ooh I love the daisy bracelet it's gorgeous xxx

  6. your necklace is very pretty! xx


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