Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rivington Pike.

Sometimes it's nice to spend your weekend exploring your local area. Being a student, money can sometimes be tight towards the end of the month so me and the hubby decided to spend sometime outside and take advantage of the dry weather. We walked up Rivington Pike in Bolton and saw the pretty amazing views from the top. We took up a little picnic to, although the icy cold wind meant we saved our picnic for when we were in the warmth of our flat. It was just nice to be out in the fresh air and spend some time together without spending a penny - sometimes all you need is your feet and a place to explore. Anyway I took a few photos while we were exploring, so I thought I would share them with you, enjoy!

Katie xx



  1. I agree....I like to have a wander now and again....and the views are wonderful...always love to see pictures of places I haven't been to yet...

  2. This is near where I'm from! It's lush, in the summer if you go down near the reservoir with some friends and a barbeque :)


  3. I often try to go around Manchester to explore new places.
    Never been here, but it looks so good :)
    It's definitely on my list, so thank you!


  4. My dad, brother and I go here often - it's such a nice break from the city and the views are stunning x
    Elise -

  5. I love your photography :) It's so true that you can have a great day without having to spend loads :) And I love the fresh air <3


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