Sunday, 16 March 2014

MAC Greensmoke.

I gave you all a tour of my MAC quad last week (post here) and today I wanted to focus on my newest shade, Greensmoke. I always play it quite safe when it comes to eye shadow. I tend to go for the neutrals and the odd purpley tones every now and again, so when I popped into Selfridges to choose my final colour I wanted something a little different. Greensmoke is a gorgeous gold toned green and when applied, it looks as though you're wearing multiple colours. This is the perfect shade for me to attempt to do a smokey eye, I'm still a little scared of super dark browns or black on my eyes, so I think this is the perfect compromise. I applied the colour above using my MAC 217 dupe from eBay, which FYI is pretty good and blended out using one of my other eye shadow brushes. 

I'm super happy with this shade and I can't wait to experiment with it more. Now my quad is full I'm tempted to go all out and get the empty 15 pan...

Katie xx


  1. This is a very pretty, unusual colour. I need to experiment a little more & try some new shades. I really like this one

  2. This is such a beautiful shade. It's neutral, but there's something special about it with the green tone. I want to pick this up now! x

  3. Love the colour!x

  4. Seriously beautiful shade. Loooks so lovely on your skin tone too. I have sumptuous olive from mac and it looks like the two would go so well together! xx

  5. that shade is beautiful!

    from helen at

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